Policy Area: Multilateral Talks

Requisites for Resolving the Nuclear Issue
Ambassador Li Gun, Deputy Director General of the DPRK Ministry for Foreign Affairs, February 6, 2004.

The following paper was prepared for the Center for National Policy (CNP) as part of a project aimed at providing opportunity for members of the American policy-making community and others to contribute insights to the resolution of the problem posed by the existence of nuclear capacity in North Korea. After several attempts to organize informal, non-official meetings in service of this proposition -- stymied at various points either by the North Korean government's reluctance or by the U.S. government's lack of approval -- CNP determined that a "virtual" exchange might help serve the purpose as a substitute. The distribution of this paper constitutes the first step in organizing this exchange.

This paper was prepared by Ambassador Li Gun, Deputy Director General of the North Korean Ministry for Foreign Affairs, in his capacity as Deputy Director of the North Korean Institute for Disarmament and Peace. He serves as Deputy Chief Representative, North Korean Delegation to the Six-Party Talks. This document was submitted to CNP in Korean and then in translation. The version here is a separate, independent translation. For a copy of the original, please contact Alex Sunshine at asunshine@cnponline.org.

This document is being circulated without prior comment on its content. A number of individuals with relevant background have been invited to review the paper, and to respond to and/or critique the diagnosis and propositions found herein, and to make whatever suggestions or recommendations that occur to them as potentially useful.

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