DPRK Renewable Energy Project
thursday, june 3, 1999

DPRK Renewable Energy Delegation visits U.S.
A delegation of renewable energy specialists from the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) visited the United States from November 21 through December 6, 1997. The visit was hosted by the Nautilus Institute for Security and Sustainable Development, based in Berkeley, California.

The Delegation visited many renewable energy sites in the United States, including the Sacramento Utility Municipal District solar cell central station; the Zond Corporation wind farm in Tehachapi; the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Colorado; and many other renewable energy firms.

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Photo of Guests Visiting Nautilus

Along the way, they received expert briefings on renewable energy and energy efficiency at Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory and from specialist renewable energy organizations including: the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy; the International Institute for Energy Conservation; the Atlantic Council; the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association; and the National Wind Energy Association and the Solar Energy Industries Association.

The delegation also met with US Department of Energy officials in Washington DC, the first time that a DPRK delegation has visited DOE headquarters. They were also briefed at the World Bank on renewable energy international programs, the first ever visit by a DPRK delegation to the World Bank. The delegation was co-hosted by the Atlantic Council's Conflict Resolution Program in Washington DC.

At the conclusion of the visit, the DPRK Renewable Energy Delegation and the Nautilus Institute agreed to establish in the DPRK in 1998 the US-DPRK Pilot Renewable Village Energy Project using small-scale US windpower turbines to meet humanitarian energy-related needs in rural end uses such as household lighting, medical clinic energy needs, agricultural water pumping, and food processing energy needs.

List of Participants:

Choi Chang-hun
Secretary General, Korean Anti-Nuke Peace Committee
Jon Song-myong
Researcher, Korean Anti-Nuke Peace Committee
Hwang Ha-yong
Engineer, DPRK Ministry of Electric Power Industry
Mun Sok-bul
Deputy Manager, Pyongyang Electric Appliance Factory
Choe Chol-jung
Engineer, Pyongyang Electric Appliance Factory

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