DPRK Renewable Energy Project
friday, july 2, 1999

North Korean Rural Energy Delegation Completes
China Study Tour

The Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) Rural Energy Delegation, which recently visited the United States, has commenced the first study tour in China of rural energy issues and technologies. The study tour was completed in two parts: the Delegation visited China from April 14-16, 1999, and completed the second study tour in China between May 7-10, 1999, after returning from the United States. The study tour in China was coordinated by Professor Wang Yanjia, Director of the US/China Energy And Environment Technology Center (EETC)* at Tsinghua University in Beijing.

This cooperation, which involved the DPRK, China, and the United States, was very productive, and offers a good model for future work on energy issues in the DPRK by American non-governmental organizations.

The DPRK rural energy delegation spent several days meeting with Chinese energy experts and government officials, learning about China's rural energy projects.

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