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 “Regional Collaboration for Energy Futures and Energy Security in China and Northeast Asia”
Tsinghua University, Beijing, China, June 14-15, 2000

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On June 14-15, the Nautilus Institute and the US/China Energy and Environmental Technology Center at Tsinghua University jointly convened the first collaborative workshop, “Regional Collaboration for Energy Futures and Energy Security in China and Northeast Asia.”

Panelists The purpose of the workshop was to discuss energy furtures and energy security in China and Northeast Asia with energy researchers from China, Republic of Korea, Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Far East Russia, and Japan.

Participants presented analyses of regional energy futures, and held preliminary discussions about improving regional energy security through collaborative research and possible implementation of cooperative activities for regional energy futures.

Attendees The workshop was part of the East Asia Energy Futures (EAEF) project, which is designed to encourage the collaborative elaboration and evaluation of national and regional energy futures for Northeast Asia. Northeast Asia -- broadly defined to include China, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, the Republic of Korea, Japan, the Russian Far East, and Mongolia -- will make large energy-sector investments in the coming decade. The options chosen will have critical impacts on regional and global environmental quality and on regional and global security, as well as economic ramifications. The EAEF project aims to explore alternative energy paths and examine their ramifications in the region and the world at large, and to identify true "least-cost" alternatives, taking all of these factors into account.

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This work is supported by grants from the W. Alton Jones Foundation and the U.S. Department of Energy.


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