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Human Rights and the Environment: Conflicts and Norms in a Globalizing World

Edited by Lyuba Zarsky
The Nautilus Institute


Introduction: Conflicts, Ethics, and Globalization
Lyuba Zarsky

Integrating Human Rights and Environmental Ethics

1. The Rights of Indigenous Peoples in International Law
Fergus MacKay

2. Global Reach: Human Rights and Environment in the Context of Corporate Accountability
Lyuba Zarsky

Conflicts Over Mineral and Oil Development

3. Multinationals, the State and the Maroon Community of Nieuw Koffiekamp, Suriname
Fergus MacKay

4. Environmental Human Rights in Ghana:
Mining Conflicts and Emerging Law

Douglas Brown

5. A David and Goliath Story: Conflicts Over Offshore International Oil Leases Near Sakhalin Island, Russian Far East
Vera Mischenko and Erika Rosenthal

Conflicts Over Development Strategies

6. The Indonesia-Singapore-Malaysia Development Project in Batam:
Environment, Development and The Right to Participation

Agus Sari

7. Global Norms, Local Compliance and the Human Rights-Environment Nexus: A Case Study of the Nam Theun II Dam in Laos
Philip Hirsch

8. Globalization and the Pan-American Highway: Battles Over the "Darien Gap"
Pascal Girot

9. The Emerging Nexus of Environment, Development and Human Rights in China: A Case Study of Foreign Waste Dumping
Changhua Wu and Simon Wang

Conflicts Over Land Rights

10. Environment and Land in Bushbuckridge, South Africa
Robert Thornton

11. Ecological Roots of Conflicts in Eastern and Central Africa
John Mugabe and Godber Tumushabe


12. Institutions and Innovations in Mediation Naomi Roht-Arriaza


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