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Other Holding Document Lists

1st Seminar - 1958-59

"Problem 1 - Analyze U.S. and Sino Soviet Bloc Capabilities in selected less developed countries in North Africa, the Middle East and Southeast Asia during the next five years and recommend courses of action to maximize the U.S. position" - June 12, 1959

"Problem 2 - Analyze the present responsibilities, organization structures and techniques for the direction, coordination and control of U.S. programs overseas and make recommendations for improving their effectiveness" - June 12, 1959

2nd Seminar - 1959-60

"The United States Balance of Payments Problems and Foreign Policy"
By James N. Cortada, Robert W. Elwood, Nicolas Feld
June 10, 1960

"Report of Study Group on Aid Techniques"
By Douglas M. Crawford, Douglas Henderson, Edward H. Kellog, Roswell D. McClelland, William M. McCormick, Robinson McIlvaine
June 10, 1960

"Report of Study Group on Problems of European Security"
By Allan Crockett, William S. McCrea, John J. Slocum, Herbert D. Spivack
June 10, 1960

"The Future of NATO: An Outline of probable NATO Strengths and Weaknesses Over the Next Ten Years"
By Eileen R. Donovan, Brewer J. Merriam, William E. Nelson, Daniel C. Pollock, Ernest V. Siracusa
June 1960

3rd Seminar 1960-61

"Thoughts on Disarmament Policy"
By Josiah W. Bennett
June 2, 1961

"The Role of the Consular Brach of the united States Foreign Service"
By D. Chadwick Braggiotti
June 28, 1961

"The China Policies of the national; of South Asia and Their Relations to U.S. China Policy"
By Captain Charles M. Cassel, Jr., USN
June 2, 1961

"The Current Role of the Military in the national Life of Indonesia, Thailand, and Burma"
By John Devine
June 2, 1961

"Communist policy Towards Underdeveloped Countries"
By John Dorman
June 1961

"Politics and Trade in Northeast Asia"
By Philip F. Dur
June 2, 1961

"Implications of Neutralism for SEATO"
By Jack M. Fleischer
June 2, 1961

"The Role of the Small Country in International Power Politics: Case History - Burma"
By Mary Jane Heyl
June 1961

"Relationship Between India and Southeast Asia and the implications of These Relationships for unites States Policy"
By Valdemar N. L. Johnson
June 2, 1961

"The Arms Race in Africa"
By James B. Moore
May 26, 1961

"The Problem of Cotton Textile Imports from Japan and Hong Kong"
By Albert Post
June 2, 1961

"Analyses and Recommendations of how the Military Can Best be Used to Implement United States Socio-Economic Foreign Policies"
By Colonel William R. Swarm
No Date

"Certain Factors and Problems Political and Social Stability in Southeast Asia, With Comments and Suggestions"
By John L. Topping
June 2, 1961

4th Seminar - 1961-62

"United States Influence on Agrarian Reform in the Philippines"
By John W. Fisher
No Date

"Some Implications of Sino-Soviet Conflicts and Actions in Southeast Asia"
By J. Robert Fluker
June 9, 1962

"The Role of the Military in Foreign Policy"
By M. Gordon Knox
June 25, 1962

"An Inquiry Into European Political Currents and Attitudes Affection the Prospects of Closer Atlantic Ties"
By Carol C. Laise
June 14, 1962

"Can Our Efforts to Communicate with the Soviet People Affect the Foreign Policy Decisions of the Soviet Regime"
By Abraham M. Sirkin
June 4, 1962

"The Future of the Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands"
By Richard K. Stuart
June 8, 1962

"An Alternative to Chinese Expansion in Southeast Asia"
By William W. Tyng
June 4, 1962

5th Seminar - 1962-63

"The Role of Foreign Advisers in U.S. Military Headquarters"
By Ray W. Bronez
June 7, 1963

"Prospects for an Atlantic Parliamentary Assembly"
By Philander P. Claxton, Jr.
June 1963

"Soviet Policy and Sea Power"
By Captain George C. Cook, USN
May 29, 1963

"Evaluating the Effectiveness of a Country Team"
By E. Allen Fidel
May 31, 1963

"A Critique of 'Personnel for the New Diplomacy' - The Report of the Committee on Foreign Affairs Personnel, December 1962"
By Arthur J. Hazes
May 24, 1963

"Beginnings of the Cold War"
By Martin F. Herz
June 6, 1963

"Approaches to the China Problem"
By John Ryder Horton
May 29, 1963

"The Malaysian Common Market"
By George R. Jacobs
June 30, 1963

"West New Guinea - A Problem Negotiated"
By Robert S. Lingquist
May 31, 1963

"Middle Range Prospects in Indonesia"
By Jack W. Lydman
June 1, 1963

"What is an Ambassador for?"
By Edward F. Rivinus
May 31, 1963

"State-Defense Relationship in the Field of Military Assistance"
By Eugene A. Trahan
June 6, 1963

"GATT and the Trade Problems of the Less Developed Countries"
By Jean M. Wilkowski
May 31, 1963

6th Seminar - 1963-64

"The Reaction of Japan, Thailand, and Indonesia to an Initial Chinese Communist Nuclear Detonation"
By James M. Boyd
June 10, 1964

"The Role of the Korean Military in the Political Development of the Republic of Korea"
By Captain William M. Carpenter, USN
June 23, 1964

"Military Civic Action as an Instrument of Foreign Aid"
By Halvor O. Ekern
June 15, 1964

"Banking in International Relations"
By Roy T. Englert
June 11, 1964

"The Evolution of Counterinsurgency Strategy - The Case of Vietnam"
By Richard M. Lee, Colonel, USA
June 30, 1964

"Negotiation - (The Beginnings of a Handbook for Beginners)"
By James M. Ludlow
June 31, 1964

"A Case Study of the Role of Organized Labor in International Affairs - The American Institute for Free Labor Development"
By Paul K. Morris
June 5, 1964

"Japan's Attitudes and Expectations Toward Its membership in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development"
By Ruth H. Philips
June 5, 1964

"A Brief Study of the Potential Effects of West German initiatives Towards a Settlement of the German Problem"
By Frank D. Taylor
June 22, 1964

7th Seminar - 1964-1965

"A Review of US Security Arrangements in the Far East"
By William S. Davis "A Critique of US Security Arrangements in the Far East"
By Stephen A. Loftus, Jr.

"United States - Japan and the Ryukyu Islands"
By Spencer H. Pratt, Col., USMC

"Implications for the United States of European Views on the Rescheduling Latin American Public Debt"
By Edwin C. Randall

"Hidden Pitfalls for American Private Investment in Selected Western political Countries"
By Saul Baran

"Blue Bonnets for Doctor Bunche - Some Aspects of Earmarked Military Forces for united Nations Duty"
By Cary E. Landis, Captain, USN

8th Seminar - 1965-66

"The many Voices of Peiping"
By Earl Acuff, Col. And Clyde G. Hess

"Japanese Economic Penetration in Thailand - Some US Implications"
By Morris Allen

"Capitalism: The Mexican Experience"
By Walter M. Bastian

"Diminishing British Interests and Commitments East of Suez"
By Harry Cochran

"The Central American Defense Council; A Case Study of Unified Defense Efforts in Central America and Their Implications for US Policies"
By Charles C. Crossfield, Col, USMC

"Japan and the Awakening Dragon: A Case Study of Japan's Current View of Communist China"
By Maurice J. Mountain

"Australia in Mid-Passage: A Study of Her Role in the Indian Ocean - Southeast Asia Area"
By Robert Packard and Tracy Wilder

"The Philippines as a Political Influence in the Far East: Fact or Fiction?"
By Wells Stabler

9th Seminar 1966-67

"Agricultural Cooperation in East Asia:
By Manuel Abrams

"New Perspectives on NATO's Northern Flank: A 1967 Appraisal of Scandinavian Concepts of Security"
By John E. Dwan II, Col. USA

"A Profile of Communist Insurgency - the Case of Thailand"
By Wilfred D. Koplowitz

"Developing Democracy at the Rice-Roots' Level - A Case of local Self-Government in Rural Northeast
Thailand" By George R. Marotta

10th Seminar - 1967-68

"America is Building a Regional Theatre"
By Albert E. Hemsing

11th Seminar - 1968-69

"Japan: The Future is Cities"
By William H. Brubeck

"The Japanese Aircraft Industry - Phoenix From American Ashes"
By William J. Garver

"United Nations Peace-Keeping Force in Cyprus"
By Charles R. Sniffin, Col.

"Southeast Asia After Vietnam - The Prospects for Regional Action for National Security"
By Arthur I. Wortzel

12th Seminar - 1969-70

"Environment for US Direct private investment: Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico"
By Henry S. Bashkin

"The Underground Press in the United States"
By Darrell I. Drucker, Jr.

"'The Yellow Yankee' - An inquiry Into the Impact of Japan's Economic Juggernaut on Her Asian Neighbors"
By Samuel W. Lewis

"The post-Colonial Dutch Role in Indonesia"
By John A. Reed, Jr.

13th Seminar 1970-71

"Toward Broadening the Domestic Foreign Affairs Constituency"
By Maurice D. Bean

"The Relationship Between Government and Business in Japan"
By Horace G. Dawson

"Strategic Doctrine: The Necessity for Dialogue: An Appraisal of the Potential for New Modes of Partnership and Participation in the 1970s"
By Clifton B. Forster

"Japan's Current Debate Over investment Policy in the 1970s"
By James O. Howard

"Soviet-Japanese Economic Relations: Status and Prospects"
By Jack F. Matlock

"The Training of the Diplomas for the Diplomacy of the 70's - Trends and Issues"
By Robert W. Moore

"United States Air Force Bases in the 70's"
By William L. Roche, Col., USAF

"Police Riot Control units in Four Western European Countries"
By Albert W. Smell, Col., USMC

"Economic Integration in Latin America"
By Charles J. Stockman, Jr.

14th Seminar - 1971-72

"Forecasts of Future War: Early Post-War Military Reformers"
By William E. Albright, Jr., Col. USAF

"Conflicting Interests in the Indian Ocean"
By Nicolas G. Andrews

"Russian Influence and Arms in Asia"
By Brian Bell

"European Views on the Defense of Europe, and the US Role with Regard Thereto, Through the 70s."
By Robert L. Burns and Brigadier General Joseph P. Kingston, USA

"Japanese Energy Outlook, 1970-85"
By William W. Clarke

"Arms Control in northeast Asia"
By William J. Cunningham

"Developments in Southeast Asia and the Western pacific and Their Meaning for Australia"
By Adolph Dubs and Donor M. Lion

"The Role of Women in International Diplomacy"
By Elizabeth J. Harper

"Some Thoughts Concerning International Implications of Satellite Sensing Operations"
By Lewis D. Junior

"Japan's Relationship with the USSR and Eastern Europe"
By Roger Kirk

"US Policy Towards European Political Integration"
By William E. Knight

"Political Institutions in the Cause of International Trade"
By Kenneth K. Krogh

"Environmental protection: the Japanese Experience"
By Harvey F. Nelson, Jr.

"Environment as a Domestic and international issue - 3 Case Studies"
By Franklin A. Petrasek

"Certain Aspects of the Multinational Operation of International Harvester"
By Robert K. Sherwood

"East Asia Looks at Japan"
By Thomas P. Shoesmith

"Communist Resurgence in West Malaysia; an Episode in a Continuing Saga"
By James N. Tull

"Foreign Economic Policy and Overseas Representation - France, Germany, and the UK"
By Robert S. Watson

"International Cooperation Aspects of NATO Sea Sparrow"
By Charles A. Webster, Col., USMC

15th Seminar - 1972-73

"Siberian Energy for Japan and the United States"
By Raymond J. Albright

"Japan's Intentions Toward Latin America"
By Malcolm R. Barnebey

"Role of US Banks in Developing Countries"
By Helene A Batjer

"A Look at Four Foreign Service Projects"
By Pratt Byrd

"Financial Accountability of proposed International Seabed Organization"
By Frank C. Conahan

"US Forces in the Azores"
By john V. Hedberg

"Political-Military Development in NATO's Northern Region"
By Albert O. Nelson, Col., USMC

"Europe in the Wake of US Détente Policy"
by Patrick E. Nieburg

"A Role for the Department of State"
By Thomas Stern

"Wars Without End - The American and French Experience in Vietnam"
By Thomas C. Thayer

17th Seminar - 1974-75

"India in Asia - The Next Decade"
By Natalie H. Bellocchi

"The Provision of U.S. Defense Articles and information to Foreign Governments - History and Prospects"
By Paul D. Gorman

"Clientitis, Corpulence and Cloning - The Symptomology of a Sick Department"
By John Krizay

"The Diplomatic War on Heroin: A Southeast Asian Success Story"
By Clyde R. McAvoy

"The French Reconnection? Prospects for the US in Indochina and the Role of the Fifth Republic"
By James M. Rentschler

"The New Isolationism: Antecedents and Progeny"
By John R. Bryne

"Editorial Perceptions of Détente"
By Thomas J. Hirschfeld

"Canada in the Pacific"
By Harvey G. Miller

"Implications of Nuclear Proliferation"
By Donald M. O'Shea, Col., USA

"Japan and the Middle East Since the Oil Crisis of 1973"
By McKinney H. Russell

"A Comparative Study of Selected Local Regional Governments"
By John D. Scanlan

18th Seminar - 1976-77

"Somoa Comes of Age"
By James K. Bishop

"US Economic Decline - How Far Behind the UK?"
By John A. Bushnell

"Japan and Her Non-Communist Neighbors: Some Observations"
By Paul L. Flint

"Nuclear Proliferation: The US-FRG-Brazil Dispute"
By Arva C. Floyd

"The Role and Effectiveness of Selected Congressional Liaison Offices in the Executive Branch"
By Edward Gottfried

"Toward a New international Economic Order: Some Guideposts Along the Way"
By James A. Placke

"Recent Canadian Borrowing Abroad Its Nature and Implications"
By George B. Roberts, Jr.

"The Impact of Defense Posture on Selected Foreign Policy Decisions"
By Leo W. Smith, II, Colonel, USAF

"Food, Fuel, and Foreign policy: How Much US Leverage?"
By Dudley G. Williams

20th Seminar - 1977-78

"USMC Amphibious Operation: Year 2000"
By Donald J. Norris

"Objectives, Strategy, and Force Structure: Thoughts for Planners"
By Robert S. Thompson

21th Seminar 1978-79

"Corporate Profitability and Investment in Japan"
By William E. Escoube

22nd Seminar 1979-80

"The Backfire Bomber and Strategic Arms Limitation Talks"
By Stephen B. Crocker

"European Attitudes Towards Japan: Trilateralism's Weakest Link"
By Robert M. Immerman

"Strains: The Eurocurrency Market and the Developing Countries"
By Mary E. McDonnell

"Human Rights and the National Interest: Our Policy in Central America and the Philippines"
By Wade H. B. Matthews

23rd Seminar - 1980-81

"Winning at Dominoes: ASEAN and Implications for U.S. Policy"
By Robert E. Kays

"Unilateral Enforcement of U.S. Trading Rights Within the GATT System"
By Louis J. Murphy

24th Seminar - 1981-82

"Rapid Deployment Force and the Persian Gulf"
By Pierce K. Bullen and David Robinson

"Strategic Implications of US Arms Sales to China"
By Harriet Isom

"Initiatives to Improve Military Contingency Planning: Status and Shortfall"
By Nicholas Krawciw

"Executive Preparedness for International Terrorism"
By Patrick J. Mullany

"Canadian Economic Nationalism: Implications for US Policy"
By James C. Nelson

"Chinese-American Attitudes Towards China"
By John Reagan

"Japanese Competition in the Computer and Semiconductor Industries: How Much Should the US Respond?"
By Morris Rosen

"Country Risk Assessment in the US Banking System"
By Roscoe S. Suddarth

25th Seminar - 1982-83

"Policy Options in Offshore Crisis Situations"
By Alan E. Brody, CIA, Captain Paul E. Versaw, USCG, and Robert T. Castonguay, FBI

"Thinking Weak - National Security as the Strategic Underdog"
By Colonel Robert W. Chandler, USAF

"The American Perception of NATO"
By G. Michael Eisenstadt, USIA

"Building US Economic Leadership in the Next Century"
By Vladimir Lehovich, STATE

"The US-Soviet Conventional Arms Transfer (CAT) Talks, 1977-78: Evolution, Dynamics, and Lessons for the Future"
By Gary Matthews, STATE

"US Defense Policy/Defense Strategy Focusing on Costa Rica as a Case in Point for the Moment and for the Future"
By Keith D. Mitzer

26th Seminar - 1983-84

"US International Trading Cities - Observation and Impressions"
By V. Harwood Blocker

"Intelligence and Decisionmaking"
By William Dunn

"Media Use of the Freedom Of Information Act"
By Arthur E. Fajans

"NATO - An Imperfect Defense"
By Robert A. Martin

"No First Use of Tactical Weapons in Europe: The Impact Explored"
By Colonel Peter J. Offringa

"The Latin American Debt Crisis and Its Impact on Miami"
By William F. Rope

"The Media and National Security"
By Marie Louise Telich

"The Role of Private Agreements in the International Management of Tuna Fishing"
By Captain James L. Walker

27th Session - 1984-85

"Offshore Banking in the Bahamas - A Growth Industry"
By John S. Giaquinto, FBI

"Shaping the Future of NATO's Nuclear Forces"
By George W. Heiser, DOD

"The US Aircraft Carrier: Evolving Foreign policy and Conventional Warfare Roles"
By Bernard Kritzer, DOD

"The American, British, and Canadian Foreign Services: A Study of Organizational Structures"
By Samuel E. Lupo, DOS

"Fifth Generation Super Computers"
By Carl A. Miller, NSA

"Policy Aspects of the Deployment of US Marines to Lebanon 1982-4"
By Robert L. Pugh, DOS

"An Analysis of the Use of Military Power to Combat Terrorism"
By Colonel John Szostak, USAF

"Dilemmas in Deterrence"
By Captain Daniel T. Twomey, USN

28th Seminar - 1985-86

"US Textile policy and the Textile Lobby"
By Donald M. Aderson

"Northrop's F-20: A Case of Mistaken Identity?"
By Ray F. Bassette

"Impact of a Major Japanese Investment on Smyrna, Tennessee"
By David L. Blakemore

"Nuclear Arms Control: Getting from Some to More"
By Captain Richard C. David, USN

"A Canada-US Free Trade Area - Dream or Possibility"
By Richard H. Imus

"Towards a National Operational Philosophy for the Employment of Military Special Operations Forces"
By Colonel August G. Jannarone USAF

"Trends in Amphibious Warfare Since the Falkland Campaign: Royal Navy and Royal Marine"
By Colonel Kent O. W. Steen USMC

"International Competition for Satellite launch Services"
By Wayne T. Strand CIA

"Modernizing Strategic Nuclear Forces: Evolution of the MX/Peacekeeper Missile"
By Ronald P. Zwart

29th Seminar - 1986-87

"Can the Superconductor Industry be Saved"
By Lawrence Arena

"Research and Development on New Arms Programs with U.S. Allies"
By James Campbell

"Murder at Panmunjom: The Role of Senior Military Leadership in International Crisis Resolution"
By Conrad DeLateur

"Foreign Investments in the US - The Nation's Overall International Trade and Investment Health"
By George Griffin

"Integrating Foreign policy and Defense Policy in the JCS - US and UK Compared"
By Thomas McNamara

"United States Relations with Hostile Governments"
By James Purcell

"The Ethics of International Relations As Seen by Present-Day Theologians Associated with the Roman Catholic, Mainstream Protestant, and Evangelical Protestant Churches"
By John Todd Stewart

"The Mexican LDC Debt Issue in Light of US Policy Vis-à-Vis the Baker Plan"
By Larry Strawderman

30th Seminar - 1987-88

"The Careerist-Political Appointee Relationship: An Essay on One Aspect of the 'Crisis' in the US Civil Service"
By Sheila R. Buckley

"The Caribbean Basin Initiative: Data Entry and Economic in the Eastern Carribian"
By Stephen P. Dawkins

"Overview of the Research. Development and Acquisition Systems of the Federal Republic of Germany, France, and the United Kingdom"
By John F. Dennis

"The impact of US-Canadian Free Trade Arrangement on US Goals in the Uruguay Round"
By Ronald T. Levin

"US-China Aerospace Competition"
By Laurence W. Mitchell

"Philippine Negotiating Style: The US-Philippine Military Bases Agreement"
By Georgia C. Sadler

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