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For Tuesday, June 17, 1997, from Berkeley, California, USA

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In today's Report:

I. Republic of Korea

I. Republic of Korea

1. Alterations to the Taiwanese Nuclear Waste Trade

ROK Foreign Minister Yoo Chong-ha has urged Taiwan to end its plan to ship nuclear waste to the DPRK, and to reconsider the PRC as their contractor. During his May 18-21 trip to China, Minister Yoo said that PRC officials had offered to take the Taiwanese radioactive waste. The Minister, appearing on "In Focus," a debate program on cable television, said, "[Chinese officials] said that China is ready to take the Taiwanese radioactive waste because they have the facilities, technology and experience." (Korea Herald, "CHINA OFFERS TO TAKE WASTE TO STOP NORTH KOREAN NUCLEAR DEAL; ARIRANG TV TO AIR YOO'S INTERVIEW TONIGHT," 06/17/97)

2. Kim Jung-Il Likely to Assume Presidency This Year

According to Radio Moscow, Kim Jong-il, the DPRK's de facto leader, is expected to assume the state presidency this year. Quoting DPRK Ambassador to Russia Son Song-phil at a recent memorial service held at the DPRK embassy in Moscow, the official news source reported Son as saying, "In accordance with the people's demands, Kim Jong-il is likely to be elected state president this year." July 8, the third anniversary of the senior Kim's death, will also mark the end of the three-year mourning period for the late President Kim Il-sung. (Korea Herald, "KIM TO TAKE TOP NORTH KOREA POSTS THIS YEAR: SAYS DPRK AMBASSADOR TO RUSSIA," 06/17/97)

3. No New Progress in Four-Party Peace Talks

US State Department Spokesman Nicholas Burns announced at a briefing yesterday that there has been no progress in the four-party peace talks after the three-party working level negotiations in New York ended last week. Burns announced that despite efforts to persuade the DPRK of unconditional participation in the proposed peace talks, no conclusive agreements were reached. (Chosun Ilbo, "NO PROGRESS IN THE PEACE TALKS NEGOTIATIONS: US STATE DEPARTMENT," 06/17/97)

4. Bio-Chemical Arms Convention To Be Proposed

A US Department of Defense source announced yesterday that a policy proposal on a convention to freeze further bio-chemical weapons development in the Korean peninsula will be announced in the near future. The Defense News Journal reported that such a proposal will come from a special inquiry committee of the US Department of Defense to be chaired by Michael Armacost, a former high-ranking Department of Defense official. (Chosun Ilbo, "BIO-CHEMICAL ARMS DEVELOPMENT ARREST CONVENTION PROPOSED," 06/17/97)

5. Taiwan Foreign Minister to Visit the US

Despite the lack of official relations between Taipei and Washington, Taiwan Foreign Minister John Chang left on Sunday for a nine-day visit to the US. Chang told reporters the trip was strictly a "personal visit" and that no one should attach any undue political significance to it. The Foreign Minister will speak to academics and officials at a world affairs conference in Los Angeles and attend a forum in Colorado arranged by the private American Enterprise Institute. (Korea Times, "TAIWAN'S FOREIGN MINISTER VISITS THE US," 06/17/97)

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