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For Wednesday, June 18, 1997, from Berkeley, California, USA

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In today's Report:

I. Republic of Korea

I. Republic of Korea

1. DPRK Plans to Attack Japan in Future Korean Peninsula Contingency

ROK internal documents revealed that the DPRK has plans to directly attack Japan if the US becomes involved in a "future contingency" on the Korean peninsula. Reportedly, much of the document is according to testimony by Hwang Jang-yop, former secretary of the DPRK Workers Party who recently fled the DPRK. Such information is supported by the known mid-range missile capacities of the DPRK's Rodong I. Observers interpret the DPRK's plan as an intention to deter the US from getting involved in a Korea peninsula conflict since the DPRK's direct attack on Japan would escalate such a scenario to a broader international level. (Kyonghyang Shinmun, "DPRK PLANS TO ATTACK JAPAN IN CASE OF US INVOLVEMENT IN FUTURE CONTINGENCIES OF THE KOREAN PENINSULA," 06/18/97)

2. ROK Private Aid to the DPRK

A ROK ship carrying food aid will arrive at the Hungnam port in the DPRK next Monday, a Red Cross official said yesterday. The "Sangyoung- ho" will carry 1,000 tons of corn flour and 150,000 boxes of ramen (instant noodles) and0 will leave from Pusan on Saturday. It will be the first ROK shipment of relief goods from private organizations to the DPRK. The flour was donated by Chung Ju-yung, honorary chairman of Hyundai Business Group, and the ramen by religious groups. (Korea Herald, "AID SHIP TO ARRIVE IN NORTH JUNE 24," 06/18/97)

3. ROK Demonstrates Firm Stance on Tokdo Issue

The ROK government and officials of the ruling New Korea Party announced Tuesday that they cannot respond to any proposal that would affect the sovereignty of the islet of Tokdo during the ongoing fishing negotiations with Japan. At a meeting of officials from the Foreign, Marine and Fishery ministries, NKP policy chief Kim Jung-hui said that the ROK could never accept the Japanese proposal of a "temporary waters regulation" giving joint control over the waters surrounding Tokdo. Furthermore, ROK government officials stated that the inclusion of Tokdo within the country's economic exclusion zone is not open to alternate interpretation or discussion. (Chosun Ilbo, "GOVERNMENT SAYS NO COMPROMISE ON TOKDO," 06/18/97)

4. DPRK Plans Further Tax-free Zones to Promote International Investment

The DPRK plans to set up tax-free zones in the ports of Wonsan and Nampo, Kyodo News reported Tuesday. The report quoted an unidentified DPRK source in Tokyo as saying that the DPRK government would soon unveil a law designating the two ports as tax-free zones designed to attract foreign manufacturers. Kyodo News said that the source emphasized the possibilities for assembly and export of electrical appliances such as televisions and refrigerators and that foreign manufacturers in both zones would be supplied with "ample" electricity. Wonsan, facing the Sea of Japan, is located south of existing special economic zones near the border with Russia and the PRC. Nampo is located on the Yellow Sea near the DPRK capital of Pyongyang. (Korea Times, "NK PLANS TO SET UP TAX-FREE ZONES IN WONSAN, NAMPO," 06/18/97)

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