NAPSNet Special Reports
wednesday, september 29, 1999
East Timor Crisis
Analysis | News | Web Links
N.G. Map of East Timor -- may open new window

Current Analysis

* Wade Huntley and Peter Hayes, "East Timor and Asian Security"

* Theodore Friend, "Indonesia: Confronting the Political and Economic Crisis"

* James Cotton, "East Timor and Australia- Twenty-Five Years of the Policy Debate"

* Sylvia Tiwon, "East Timor and the 'Disintegration' of Indonesia "

* Susan Tillou, "A Tale of Timor and New World Disorder?"

* Doug Paal, "APEC Meets: China/WTO and East Timor Dominate the Agenda"

* Michael McDevitt, "East Timor and Teaching Lessons"

* Harold Crouch, "Don't Rush to Write Off Our Indonesian Links"

* Richard Tanter, "The Indonesian Intelligence State Revisited"

* John B. Haseman, "Security Implications for an Independent East Timor"

* Walden Bello, "East Timor: An ASEAN-UN Solution"

* Agus Sari, "What To Do On, and In, East Timor?"

* Damien Kingsbury, "The crisis in East Timor: an analysis"

* Donald K. Emmerson, "Jakarta Must Prevent the Escalation of Violence"

* Gerry van Klinken, "A Dark Scenario"

* Alan Dupont, "A Tough Transition"

* Richard Tanter, "The East Timor Disaster"

Current News

* Joint Statement of Multilateral Humanitarian Mission

* Australian Coverage of East Timor in NAPSNet
09/14/99 | 09/17/99 | 09/23/99

* World Media on East Timor, September 8, 1999

* Gerry van Klinken, "What Jakarta's Papers Say"

* Press Release by US Representative Benjamin Gilman

* Press Release by US Senator Jack Reed

* World Media on East Timor, September 7, 1999

Web Links

* Asia Society Special Report on East Timor

* East Timor Today

* East Timor Action Network

* United Nations Mission in East Timor

* Humanrights Watch Asia

  • Essay on Militias

    * Tapol Bulletin

    * Mastiff Association for Rights of Indigenous and Colonial Peoples

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