Non-Nuclear NATO Network
wednesday, november 24, 1999

NOTE:This project was merged with the Nuclear Policy Project in 2000.

The Non-Nuclear NATO Network was a web-based network that assembled information on the nuclear policy of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). Collected from government institutions, news media, non-governmental organizations, and primary sources, the information assisted efforts to influence NATO nuclear policy.

The nuclear powers in NATO rejected calls for a review of the alliance's nuclear policy in connection with NATO's 50-year anniversary in April 1999. The Strategic Concept, which includes the broad political and military guidelines for the role of NATO's military forces, was updated for the first time since 1991, but the nuclear chapters were left virtually unchanged. Instead, a review of the future role of NATO's nuclear forces was "put in committee" for an unspecified time after the Summit, essentially precluding any public debate on this important issue.

The Non-Nuclear NATO Network was a joint project of the Nautilus Institute and the Fourth Freedom Foundation. It was supported by contributions from several organizations and individuals (see other column) who contributed news and background material on a regular basis. The project was supported by a grant from Fourth Freedom Forum.

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