“East Asian Regional Security Futures: Theater Missile Defense Implications”
The United Nations University, Tokyo, Japan, June 24-5, 2000


 Saturday, June 24
Introduction -- Project and Workshop Goals
                        Dr. Wade HUNTLEY
                        Hon. Larry SCHEINMAN

Session 1 -- Briefing: U.S. NMD and TMD programs
                        Dr. Michael O’HANLON*
                        Dr. Michael GREEN
                        Dr. David WRIGHT
Session 2 -- TMD, NMD and Global Security
                        Prof. MURAI Tomohide
                        Mr. LI Hechun

Session 3 -- TMD, NMD and Arms Control
                        Mr. GU Guoliang
                        Prof. KUROSAWA Mitsuru
                        Dr. LI Bin
                        Prof. UMEMOTO Tetsuya

 Sunday, June 25
Session 4 – TMD, U.S.-Japan Relations, and East Asian Security
                        Prof. MURAYAMA Yuzo
                        Mr. CHU Shulong
                        Dr. OGAWA Shinichi
                        Ms. DUAN Hong

Session 5 -- TMD, NMD and Arms Control*
                       Mr. GU Guoliang
                       Prof. KUROSAWA Mitsuru
                       Prof. UMEMOTO Tetsuya

Session 6 -- TMD, NMD, and Japan-PRC-US Relations
                        Major SONG Xuefeng
                        Mr. MORIMOTO Satoshi