Nuclear Policy Project

Project Description

The Nuclear Policy Project is critically reviewing nuclear weapons policies currently operating in East Asia and other regions. The project aims to help minimize or eliminate the role of threats to use nuclear weapons to support national security ends. The project focuses on the prospects for achieving a meaningful abolition of nuclear weapons, and also addresses the implications that such an achievement would have for the larger long-term goal of eliminating all nuclear weapons worldwide.

The project's initial focus is on current U.S. policies of "extended nuclear deterrence" in Northeast Asia. However, the project aims ultimately to address the nuclear weapons policies of all states in the region, and to assess how comprehensive regional security is a prerequisite to significant changes in nuclear weapons policies, including those of the United States. Thus, the project has three foci:

  1. current nuclear weapons policies operating in East Asia, especially U.S. extended nuclear deterrence policies;
  2. future nuclear weapons policy alternatives, and the security prerequisites for regional nuclear abolition; and
  3. the capacity of regional progress toward such an end to facilitate similar progress at the global level.

Equally important, the project aims to support a new community of scholars, opinion-leaders and decision-makers on these issues, drawing from all the principal states in the region. In developing this community, the project seeks particularly to foster the growth of international relationships, especially among "younger" individuals whose roles are likely to grow in future years. Within this community, the project is encouraging the development of fresh perspectives on the role of regionally-focused pursuits of nuclear weapons abolition, and the growth of greater consensual awareness of the potential for enhancing non-nuclear dimensions in regional security structures.

The Nuclear Policy Project is supported by grants from the Ford Foundation and Ploughshares Fund.

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