ZHU Chenghu

    Professor Zhu Chenghu is an active officer serving as the deputy director of the Institute for Strategic Studies, National Defense University, the People's Liberation Army.  He graduated from the college of International Relations at Nanjing, the Military College, and Post-Graduate School of National Defense University.  He has been teaching ad researching in the university for 27 years.  His major interest of research lies in the Sino-US relations and Asian-Pacific security.

    Professor Zhu has been quite prolific.  His recent books include: "Retrospect and Prospects of Sino-US relations," "The Relations between the Major Powers in the 21st Century," and "The Problems that the World is Facing."  The forthcoming books include: "The US Military Strategy" and "Contemporary Military Affairs in the United States."  He has also published many articles at home and abroad.

    Professor Zhu married a neurologist and has a daughter learning economics in business school.