Sailing on Pegasus
A Virtual Voyage on San Francisco Bay

The Virtual Voyage website is a guidebook to the Student Sailing Program at the Shorebird Nature Center in Berkeley, CA. The table of contents below presents the order of events as they unfold on the voyage, both on land and aboard Pegasus. The Essential items that each teacher/adult must bring or ensure that children bring are highlighted below. The site also covers questions a first-time sailor might have, or pre-trip questions the accompanying adult might face. Each stage in the voyage contains a list of suggested questions, activities, links and references for use either in pre-trip preparation, for example, as part of your school curriculum, or as a stimulant for post-trip activities.

After finishing your voyage on the Pegasus, go on a virtual expedition to San Francisco and Tokyo Bays, an on-line curriculum with teaching exercises, resources, and links produced in conjunction with WorldLink Foundation.

This is the first edition of the Virtual Voyage website. Please send any suggestions and comments to or call the Pegasus Project at (510) 295-6100.

Fair winds and bon voyage!

Begin Your Virtual Voyage

What to Bring -- Essential

At the Dock

Leaving the Dock

Exiting the Breakwater

On the Bay

Return to the Dock



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