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March 12, 2003

Vietnam-era report offers lesson on Iraq
By R.C. Longworth Chicago Tribune (registration req'd)

March 11, 2003

Feinstein Says U.S. Must Not Sanction First Use of Nuclear Arms

Washington File (State Dept.)
[also published in Federation of American Scientists]

March 9, 2003

"'67 Study Discouraged Use of Nuclear Weapons in Vietnam War"
By Walter Pincus Washington Post
[also carried in Charlotte Observer, Hoosier Times, Common Dreams, Tacoma News]

"A Bad Idea in Vietnam, an Even Worse Idea Today"
By Peter Hayes & Nina Tannenwald Los Angeles Times (registration req'd)

"Making the Case Against Calamity"
By Steven Weinberg Los Angeles Times (registration req'd)

"Battlefield Nukes Secret Vietnam-era Report, Just Declassified, Highlighted Dangers"
By James Sterngold San Francisco Chronicle

"Pentagon considered nuclear option: Report Reveals Debate During War in Vietnam"
By Karl Schoenberger San Jose Mercury News

"Secret study repudiates mini-nukes"
By Ian Hoffman Oakland Tribune
[also carried in Tri-Valley Herald, San Mateo County Times, The Daily Review (Hayward), Alameda Times-Star]

"N. Korea unlikely to bend to U.S. will"
By Gady Epstein Baltimore Sun

"U.S. Rejected Use of Nukes in Vietnam"
  Atlanta Journal Constitution

Wire Services

March 9, 2003

"Scientists Cite Secret Study to Oppose Bush Nuke Plans"
By Jim Lobe Inter-Press Service
[also carried in Yahoo! News, Islamiche Zeitung (in German), Deseret News, Malaysia Kini, IPS en Español (subscription), GlobalInfo.org (subscription)]

"Vietnam on proliferation fears"
By Hiro Aida Associated Press (Kyodo)


April 2, 2003

U.S. study on using nukes in Vietnam

WBEZ's "Worldview"

March 9, 2003

Report on Nuclear Weapons in Vietnam War Declassified
By Jennifer Ludden NPR's "Weekend Edition"

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