APRENet Reports
monday, august 9, 1999

APRENet is an electronic information system focused on environmental issues in Asia-Pacific. Utilizing its on-line library, e-mail networks, and news reports, APRENet seeks to stimulate debate and promote regional environmental policy alternatives in the Asia-Pacific.

Network participants include analysts and activists from research institutions, journalists, citizen groups, government, and business. The network currently has five focus areas:

  • Globalization & Governance
  • Corporate Accountability
  • APEC and the Environment
  • Trade and the Environment
  • Energy and Environmental Cooperation in Northeast Asia

Documents available on APRENet include work by the Nautilus Institute; papers from other researchers; official documents from the UN, APEC, national governments; and news analysis and opinions.

Recent Reports

* Havens, Halos and Spaghetti:Untangling the Evidence About the Relationship Between Foreign Investment and the Environment

* APEC, Globalization and the "Sustainable Development Agenda"

* Asian Environmental Scenarios Roundtable Report

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APRENet reports are distributed free via email and posted on this web site. To become an APRENet member, simply visit the Nautilus automated sign-up page. If you have any further questions, send email to aprenet@nautilus.org.

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