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The Daily Report from the Northeast Asia Peace and Security Network (NAPSNet) comprises news summaries and analyses of peace and security issues in Northeast Asia. The report includes contributions from writers in Seoul, Tokyo, Moscow and Shanghai, as well as the US. The Daily Report is produced each weekday; text versions are distributed free via email to all NAPSNet members, and hypertext (Web) versions are posted on the Nautilus Institute Web site (see links below). Includes the Week in Review (W.I.R.) report. Also includes occasional Special Reports to give more expanded treatment to particularly relevant items of news and analysis.

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The Week in Review (W.I.R.) is a weekly index of news from NAPSNet and selected other reports from the Peace and Security Program. The W.I.R. comes automatically with the NAPSNet Daily Report (above). Those who prefer not to receive the Daily Report may subscribe to just the W.I.R. by checking the box at left.


The Asian Energy Security Network (AESNet) is a network aiming to bring together officials, NGO representatives, scholars and others working on energy security in Asia. This bi-weekly bulletin will distribute information on energy security and transparency, drawing upon a web of researchers and news sources across Asia and around the world. Featuring news articles, reports, and analysis, this network is the definitive source for information on the Asian energy sector.


Interested in sailing, youth, and the environment? Join our volunteers that help with the Pegasus Project! If you are a sailor with basic keelboat training, you can train with us to be part of our dedicated volunteer crew. If you don't sail and still want to help there are many other volunteer opportunities. This email network keeps you informed about upcoming sails, volunteer work, and the Project.

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