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Special Policy Forum

wednesday, november 13 2002


September 11th 2001 and its aftermath demonstrated that transnational, networked individuals and non-state actors henceforth may utilize means of violence at scales formerly monopolized by nation-states. Consequently, individuals and non-state actors face a new set of obligations, opportunities and dilemmas arising from the fact that state power cannot provide an acceptable level of security to their resident populations.

Do we now stand at a transformative moment in which we recognize that the core ideas, institutions, arrangements and processes that were meant to create, sustain and enhance a state-based system of global security are not only inadequate, but actually invalid and generate more turbulence and insecurity than they overcome?

If citizens cannot rely on nation-states to dominate in the provision of global security, should civil society and its institutions reconstitute global security on their own terms and displace nation-states to the periphery of the global security agenda? If so, what are these specific obligations and opportunities for various non-governmental sectors?

We will close the Institute's September 11 Forum over the coming months by probing these and related issues.

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The Nautilus Institute is conducting this ongoing "Special Forum on the September 11 Attacks" to enable interested individuals worldwide to join dialog and build understanding of the unfolding consequences of these attacks.

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