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Special Policy Forum

wednesday, november 13, 2002


  Most recent essays...

China and North Korean "Refugees"   March 21, 2002
Thomas F. McCarthy
The Immutable Zero-sum Nature of the Indo-Pak Rivalry    January 23, 2002
Ehsan AHRARI,  Norfolk, VA-based strategic analyst
Muslims And The West After September 11    December 19, 2001
Pervez HOODBHOY,  Quaid-e-Azam University
A Neutral Afghanistan    December 12, 2001
Can the US War on Terrorism be Justified?    November 21, 2001
Dr. W. Pal S. SIDHU,    International Peace Academy
Two Months and Counting   November 21, 2001
Wade HUNTLEY,    The Nautilus Institute
A Rational System of Government for Afghanistan
November 16, 2001
Dr. Abdul Hay KAYOUMY,    The University of Washington
Rocky Road to Asian Peace   November 9, 2001
Mohammed AYOOB,    Michigan State University
Walk Softly in Nuclear South Asia    November 9, 2001
Zia MIAN,    Princeton University
Shining light on investment-- The Sudan Peace Act
November 6, 2001
Leif BROTTEM and Sandy BUFFETT,    The Nautilus Institute
Counterinsurgency and the Conflicts in Afghanistan and Vietnam    November 2, 2001
Henry J. KENNY,    Center for Strategic Studies at the CNA Corporation
How Afghan Men Fight    November 2, 2001
Richard KIDD,    Vietnam Veterans of America Foundation
Can 9-11 Provide a Fresh Start for Sino-U.S. Relations?
October 31, 2001
Phillip C. SAUNDERS,    Monterey Institute of International Studies
The Role of Japan in the War against Terror: Show the Flag
October 26, 2001
Tatsujiro SUZUKI,    Peace Pledge, Japan
Musharraf's About Face    October 22, 2001
Ahmad FARUQUI,    American Institute of International Studies
Toward a Post Post-Cold War World    October 18, 2001
Ralph A. COSSA,    The Pacific Forum CSIS
US-India relations: operation 'infinite justice' in the common vision against 'terrorism'    October 16, 2001
Dr. Rajesh Kumar MISHRA,    South Asia Analysis Group
Terrorism: Defining the Threat and Responses    October 15, 2001
Surinder RANA,    Center for Study of Asymmetric Conflict
U.S.-Pakistan Nexus Redux?    October 12, 2001
Ehsan AHRARI,    Strategic analyst
Into the Void    October 11, 2001
Wade HUNTLEY,    The Nautilus Institute
Pakistan's Afghan Policy    October 11, 2001
Mushahid HUSSAIN,    Syndicated Columnist
Afghanistan After the Taliban    October 10, 2001
G. Faruq ACHIKZAD,    Children of War
International Relations in the Aftermath of 11 September    October 9, 2001
Dingli SHEN,    Fudan University
The War Against Terrorism: The Jammu and Kashmir Connection    October 8, 2001
M.K. NARAYANAN,    Asian Age Online
Why Names Count    October 3, 2001
Konrad Von MOLTKE,    Dartmouth College
Terrorism and the Current Crisis    September 28, 2001
Karen KAMPWIRTH,    Knox College
Interpretting the Attacks: Democracy, States, and Coalition-Building    September 28, 2001
Allen CARLSON,    Cornell University
Future Positive    September 28, 2001
Michael EDWARDS,   Governance and Civil Society Program of The Ford Foundation
Terrorism: America's Response    September 28, 2001
Mushahid HUSSAIN ,   Syndicated Columnist
Fuel for the Fire: Tactical Nuclear Weapons and Terrorism    September 28, 2001
Alastair MILLER,   the Washington Office of the Fourth Freedom Forum
Developing an Alternative, More Effective Strategy    September 26, 2001
David CORTRIGHT,   the Fourth Freedom Forum
The War on Terrorism: China's Opportunities and Dilemmas    September 26, 2001
Jing-dong YUAN,   Monterey Institute of International Studies
Terrorism in the US    September 21, 2001
Dan PLESCH,   Royal United Services Institute for Defence Studies, Great Britain
Paradigm Shift    September 21, 2001
David T. JONES,    former US State Department foreign service
Understanding the Message of Tuesday's Events    September 21, 2001
Mary KALDOR,   London School of Economics
Asking 'Why'    September 20, 2001
Michael KLARE ,  Hampshire College
Engaging Political Islam    September 20, 2001
Phar Kim BENG ,  The Nippon Foundation, Japan
Black Tuesday: The View from Islamabad    Discussion   September 19, 2001
Pervez HOODBHOY,   Quaid-e-Azam University, Islamabad
The 'War' on Terrorism    September 19, 2001
Ramesh THAKUR ,  United Nations University ,Tokyo
People are the only solution to terror    September 18, 2001
Mark RITCHIE, Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy (IATP), Minneapolis, Minnesota
The Coming "New" War    September 17, 2001
Wade HUNTLEY, Nautilus Insitute
Now Comes the Real Danger    September 17, 2001
Thomas HOMER-DIXON, University of Toronto
"War on Terrorism": Implications for Asia    September 17, 2001
Ralph COSSA, Pacific Forum CSIS
Impact of the US Attacks on North Korea    September 14, 2001
Brent CHOI, Joongang Daily News, Seoul

The Nautilus institute is conducting this ongoing "Special Forum on the September 11 Attacks" to enable interested individuals worldwide to join dialog and build understanding of the unfolding consequences of these attacks.

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