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The assumption that we live in an "information age" has become an axiom of our times. Growing global electronic interconnectivity is widely believed to be fundamentally reshaping the way most people live their lives. New social and organizational structures are emerging solely to interpret, organize, and manage information. Many perceive that the control of global flows of resources and ideas is becoming an increasingly key determinant of state power. Indeed, the accelerating pace of development of media technologies may be transforming the nature and value of information itself.

Unfortunately, the velocity of change in information technologies is far outpacing our understanding of their impacts on relationships among individuals, societies, and states. In particular, attempts to specify and measure the effect of transformations in information technology on political interaction and policy-making processes have to date been vague and inchoate.

The Information in the Policy Process will begin the process of examining these, and other related issues from the perspectives of governments and NGOs. The primary long-term goal of the project is to develop a set of realistic long-term proposals for enhancing the effectiveness of governmental and non-governmental organizations in the "information age."

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