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The Nautilus Institute Global Disclosure Project
The Global Disclosure Project is a new approach to policy analysis and freedom of information use relies upon the creation of public information from coordinated and synchronized multi-national filings of freedom of information requests on governments for release of specific information. It "pools" the released information to maximize transparency beyond what is possible with purely national disclosures, and jointly analyzes and disseminates the information widely to provide unrestricted global public access to declassified documents and analysis. This approach differs from -- yet supplements - policy research based on existing FOIA projects that either set out to promote FOIA laws in many countries or to nurture the use of such laws in a national context.

Virtual Diasporas and global problem solving
The Virtual Diasporas project, as part of the Global Inclusion Program of Rockefeller Foundation, examined the growing impact of global diasporas, and their use of information technologies, on international conflict and cooperation. Specifically, this effort explored a number of issues ranging from global diaspora communities as an increasing source of conflict to the positive contributions that emerging cosmopolitan diaspora organizations are making to global problem-solving.

information axioms
The Information Axioms project, also funded by the Rockefeller Foundation, examined the changing relationship between advancing information technologies and political discourse in the foreign policymaking arena. The principal goal of the project was to develop a set of realistic long-term proposals for enhancing the effectiveness of governmental and non-governmental organizations in the "information age."


Staff Information

The information technology project is directed by:

Jason Hunter