The Internet and International Systems:
Information Technology and American Foreign Policy Decisionmaking  
December 10 - San Francisco, CA


830-900 Registration

900-915 Welcome and Introduction to the Issues

    Opening Remarks and Introduction - Jane Wales, World Affairs Council

    Introduction and Overview - Jason Hunter, Nautilus Institute

915-1045 The Internet and International Systems

    Chair: Peter Hayes, Nautilus Institute

    Presentations 915-945 (10 min/each)

    • Ronald Deibert, University of Toronto
    • Anthony Judge, Union of International Associations
    • Saskia Sassen, University of Chicago
    Respondents 945-1000

    • Jane Wales, World Affairs Council
    • William Drake, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

    Panel Discussion 1000-1030

    Audience Questions 1030-1045

1045-1100 Break

1100-1200 Information Technology and Organizational Form

    Chair: Peter Hayes, Nautilus Institute

    Presentations 1100-1130 (10 min/each)

    • Steven Weber, UC Berkeley
    • Shalom Flank, Global Works
    • Thomas Graham, Second Chance Foundation

    Respondent 1130- 1145

    • Eileen Vergino, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
    Panel Discussion 1145-1215

    Audience Questions 1215-1230

1230-130 Lunch

130-300 NGOs in the Information Age

    Chair: Jane Wales, World Affairs Council

    Presentations 130-200 (10 min/each)

    • Ken Rutherford, Georgetown University
    • Peter Hayes, Nautilus Institute
    • Dorothy Denning, Georgetown University

    Respondents 200-215

    • Joel Wit, Brookings Institution
    • Leon Sigal (Via Video-teleconference), Columbia University/SSRC
    • Mindy Kotler, Japan Information Access Project

    Panel Discussion 215-245

    Audience Questions 245-300

300-315 Break

315-500 Discussion: where do we go from here?

    Chair: Lyuba Zarsky, Nautilus Institute

    • Introduction to Information Axioms - Jason Hunter, Nautilus Institute
    Panel Discussion 330-500

    Synthesis, panelists' final thoughts, areas of future study.

l  o  c  a  t  i  o  n 

p  a  p  e  r  s           p  a  r  t  i  c  i  p  a  n  t s          l  i  n  k  s

i  n  f  o  r  m  a  t  i  o  n  a  x  i  o  m  s