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monday, january 24, 2000
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NOTE: The NATO FLASH has been modified and is now distributed as the Nuclear Policy Project FLASH. The first issue was published on January 14, 2000. The new Nuclear Policy Project FLASH is available here. Previously distributed NATO FLASH messages and associated on-line material will remain available on this web-address for the time being. To search the FLASH archive, use the search engine on the right of this window.

If you previously signed up for the NATO FLASH you will automatically receive it's replacement; the Nuclear Policy Project FLASH. If you are not yet a subscriber but wish to receive the new FLASH, you can sign up at the sign-up page.



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About the Project

The Non-Nuclear NATO Network was a web-based network that assembled current and historical information on nuclear policies with a focus on the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). It has now evolved into the Nuclear Policy Project which monitors nuclear policy and doctrine on a global scale.

More about the Nuclear Policy Project.

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