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ANNEX 2: Workpapers Detailing Measure Cost-Effectiveness Calculation Assumptions, Methodologies, and Results
Prepared by David Von Hippel, Nautilus Institute
Date last modified: October 29, 1996

Table A2-1: Summary Results

Table A2-2: Common Assumptions

Table A2-3: End-of-Pipe Emissions Reduction for Utility Plants

Table A2-4: End-of-Pipe Emissions Reduction for Light-Duty Gasoline Vehicles

Table A2-5: Burner Modification Emissions Reduction for Utility Plants

Table A2-6: Coal Cleaning, Low-Sulfur Fuels Production, and Low-Sulfur Fuels Imports

Table A2-7: Fuel Switching Options

Table A2-8: Energy Efficiency Options

From Technological Alternatives to Reduce Acid Gas and Related Emissions from Energy-Sector Activities in Northeast Asia by David Von Hippel