Bilateral Research Collaboration Between Kim Chaek University of Technology and Syracuse University in Integrated Information Technology

prepared for Asian Studies on the Pacific Coast (ASPAC), 2003.


Kim Chaek University of Technology: Sin Thae Song and Kim Hak Su
Syracuse University: Stuart Thorson and Thomas Harblin
The Korea Society: Donald Gregg and Frederick Carriere
DPRK Mission to the UN: Han Song Ryol and An Song Nam


The paper provides an overview and progress report for the ongoing bilateral research collaboration between Kim Chaek University of Technology (KUT) and Syracuse University (SU) in the area of integrated information technology. The program involves researchable questions which can be investigated jointly between researchers at KUT and those at SU within the general theme of systems assurance (including digital libraries, machine translation, and decision support). Thus far the KUT research team has visited SU three times and the SU team has been to KUT once. The paper discusses the process by which the collaboration developed as well as some of the benefits and challenges which flow from university-university programs between the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) and United States (US) institutions.

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