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Nautilus Contact Information

The Nautilus Institute
2130 Fulton St. K 180A
San Francisco, CA 94117

Peter Hayes
Executive Director, Nautilus Institute
Professor RMIT University, Australia
PhD, Energy and Resources, UC Berkeley

Expertise- Environment, energy and security consultant working for international and US government agencies in more than twenty countries since 1975. Professor Hayes creates and applies near-term solutions to the nexus of global security, environment and energy policy problems, with an emphasis on innovative cooperative engagement strategies in North Korea, East Asia, Australia, and South Asia. He covers scientific, technical, institutional, and geopolitical aspects of energy security, global nuclear insecurity (including risks of nuclear proliferation and nuclear next-use), and inter-city collaboration for urban climate change adaptation. He has visited North Korea seven times.
510-717-4439, phayes@nautilus.org

Joan M Diamond
Chief Operating Officer, Nautilus Institute/Sr. Scenarist
MBA, Cross-cultural mgmt/international business, University of Hawaii

Expertise- Cross-cultural management, organization development, strategic planning and uncertainty scenarios
510-914-4573, diamondjm@comcast.net

Professor Richard Tanter
Director, Nautilus Institute Australia
MA, Sociology, New School for Social Research and PhD, Politics, Monash University

Expertise- Climate change and security, Japanese politics and security policy, Indonesian politics and energy, Australian security policy
61-40-782-4336, rtanter@nautilus.org

Scott Thomas Bruce
Director, Nautilus Institute US Operations
MA, Asia Pacific Studies/MBA

Expertise- US foreign policy, politics in East Asia, North Korea
510-206-1936, scott@nautilus.org

Kiho Yi
Director, Nautilus Institute Seoul
PhD, Political Changes and Movements, Yonsei University

Expertise- political change, global peace networks, social movements, civil society and NGOs in East Asia
82-10-3824-9021, yikiho21@gmail.com

Timothy L. Savage
Deputy Director, Nautilus Institute Seoul
MA, Diplomatic History

Expertise- Korea, East Asia, US foreign policy, international relations
82-17-212-1253, yamanin@hotmail.com

David Von Hippel
Senior Associate, Nautilus Institute
MA Biology, MS/PhD Energy and Resources, UC Berkeley

Expertise- DPRK energy sector, energy/environmental analysis and modeling, energy security, energy efficiency/demand-side management, greenhouse gas emissions reduction
541-687-9275, dvonhip@igc.org

Arabella Imhoff
Research Officer, Nautilus Institute
BA, Asian Studies and International Relations

Expertise- Indonesian nuclear power and environmental issues
61-39-925-3170, arabella.imhoff@rmit.edu.au