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Photo of Bruce Bruce Ferrell is the Associate at The Nautilus Institute for Security and Sustainable development. He brings over twenty years of computer and telecommunication expertise to the Institute.

As a native Californian he jointed the computer tech industry in its infancy. Bruce completed the Master Certification Program from Oracle in 1995 and Advanced LAN Administration from IBM in 1992. Has also received additional certifications from Digital Equipment Corp, Bell Communication Research and the Northern Telecom Training Center.

He has published many articles in regards to computer and software quandaries, an editor for on-line discussion groups and is a widely known resource for his cognition and problem solving skills in relation to software and hardware problems.

Bruce is happiest when he is confronted with a broken computer, downed systems, broken printers or learning a new operating system or platform. When you can get him away from the computers he enjoys sailing, bike riding and blustery days for kite flying.

He joined Nautilus in March 2002, as System Administrator (Chief Geek). He left Nautilus in July 2002.

For more information, send email to Bruce at