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California Global Corporate Accountability Project

Project Reports and Roundtable Proceedings

5/17/02 Dodging Dilemmas? Press Release

5/03/02 Dodging Dilemmas?

3/12/02 Whose Business? A Handbook on Corporate Responsibility for Human Rights and the Environment

High Tech Sector Reports

10/18/10 Manufacturing Growth With Social Deficits: Environmental and Labor Issues in the High Tech Sector of Penang, Malaysia

3/23/01 Corporate Social Responsibility at Nine Multinational Electronic Firms in Thailand

3/05/01 A Study of the Environmental and Social Aspects of Taiwanese and U.S. Companies in the Hsinchu Science-based Industrial Park

12/10/00 The High Tech Sector and the Environment in the New Millenium: Performance, Prescriptions, and Policy

12/10/00 A Study of the Performance of the Indian IT Sector
Executive Summary, Chapters 1-3, Chapters 4-5

Oil Sector Reports

6/11/01 Oil Development in the Caspian: a critical investigation of California oil companies in Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan

6/11/01 Oil Development in Nigeria: A Critical Look at Chevron's Environmental and Social Responsibility

Roundtable Proceedings

11/9/99 NGO-Industry Roundtable: "Hard Issues, Innovative Approaches: "Improving NGO-Industry Dialogue on Corporate Responsibility and Accountability"

1/14/99 NGO Roundtable: "Forging New Links: Promoting and Protecting Human Rights and the Environment"