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The Nautilus Institute Global Disclosure Project

The FOIA / Global Disclosure Project examines and publishes information on government policy and doctrine in the United States and other countries.

Through publication of hard-to-get information, the Nautilus Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) project aspires to increase government accountability and inform the public on high-level government planning, particularly on issues of Nuclear policy. Our FOIA reports develop the existing discourse on current affairs by giving our readers a historical view of international problems that continue to plague us today, as well as provide a valuable source of information on the way that these problems have been and are viewed by the US government.

Complementing Nautilus' FOIA work is our evolving Global Disclosure Project which approaches policy analysis from a multilateral perspective with coordinated use of multinational Freedom of Information Act Requests and freedom of information use. This project creates public information with synchronized multi-national filings of freedom of information requests on governments for release of specific information. It "pools" the released information to maximize transparency beyond what is possible with purely national disclosures, and jointly analyzes and disseminates the information widely to provide unrestricted global public access to declassified documents and analysis. This approach differs from -- yet supplements - policy research based on existing FOIA projects that promote FOIA laws in many countries and nurture their use in a national context.

Latest Release:

The Student Movement in South Korea

2004 Releases:

Nautilus Reports on Proliferation in U.S. Defense Policy

Nautilus Reports on DPRK Negotiation Strategy

Nautilus Institute Reports on Nuclear Artillery Field Exercises

Nautilus Reports on Nuclear War-fighting Strategy in Korea

Nautilus Releases Study of American Nuclear Weapons Delivery Organizations in South Korea

New Global Disclosure Release Analyzes Intelligence Failures

Siberian Energy for Japan and the United States

2003 Releases:

The Reduction of Tension in Korea Vol. I

The Reduction of Tension in Korea Vol. II

Implications Of Nuclear Proleferation

U.S. Ground Force Withdrawal From Korea

Murder at Panmunjom

Essentially annihilated

A List of FOIA Military Histories and Chronologies Released to the Nautilus Institute

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A List of Other FOIA Documents in this Series Released to the Nautilus Institute

Document list

To request a specific document or information on a particular title in this list please contact bscott@nautilus.org.

Previous Nautilus Institute FOIA Work is available here: http://www.nautilus.org/nukestrat/index.html

To request further information, comment on this document, or to ask a question about the Nautilus Institute's Global Disclosure please e-mail bscott@nautilus.org. Responses will be considered for redistribution to the network only if they include the author's name, affiliation, and explicit consent.