Research Kiosk
thursday, january 3, 2002
The Nautilus Institute's Research Kiosk provides a comprehensive entrance point to the Institute's online documents and networks which promote international cooperation for security and ecologically sustainable development.

Nautilus Projects

* Asian Environmental Scenarios

* Corporate Accountability

* DPRK Renewable Energy

* East Asia Energy Futures

* Energy, Security & Environment in NE Asia

* Foreign Investment & the Environment

* Nuclear Policy

* Pacific Asia Regional Energy Security

* Pegasus Project-Marine Environmental Education

* Trade & Environment

Nautilus Networks

* INVNet: Ethical Governance Of Investment Biweekly Update

* NAPSNet: NE Asia Peace & Security Network

* South Asia Nuclear Dialogue

* NPP: East Asia Nuclear Policy Network

* NNN-Net: Non-Nuclear NATO Network


Nautilus conducts research and commissions papers which promote international cooperation and sustainable development. The Institute's expertise includes the following areas:

* Energy, Security and Environment

* Globalization and Governance

* Global Peace and Security

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Policy Forum Online

Nautilus Institute's Policy Forum Online provides an online forum for network participants regarding topical issues in the three program areas: Energy, Security & Environment, Globalization & Goverance, and Global Peace & Security.

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Digital Library

As a service to network participants, the Institute catalogues and electronically disseminates information pertaining to international security and sustainable development.

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Related Links

The Institute has collected an extensive listing of weblinks related to international security, sustainable development, Asia-specific resources, and various online media sources.

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