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Nautilus Old Programs

Global Peace and Security Program
The Global Peace and Security Program identifies ways to avoid and resolve conflicts without resort to force, with particular emphasis on Northeast Asia.

Research concentrates on:

  • nuclear weapons and nuclear proliferation
  • confidence building between states
  • military postures and doctrines
  • environmental security.

Nautilus staff travel to the Asia-Pacific region frequently, and have particular expertise on North Korea.

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Energy, Security and Environment Program
The Energy, Security and Environment Program studies the intersection of energy, environment, and international security issues in Northeast Asia, particularly Japan. Activities include research, publications, and conferences aimed at developing sustainable policy alternatives.

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Globalization and Governance Program
The Globalization and Governance Program promotes the integration of environmental objectives into national economic policies and international economic institutions.

Research concentrates on:

  • linkages between investment flows, environment and development
  • ecologically sound macro-economic policies
  • regional environmental cooperation.

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Youth/Pegasus Program
The Pegasus Project provides teenagers in the San Francisco Bay Area with opportunities to acquire sailing and scientific-technical skills, learn teamwork, and become environmentally sensitive. The project is organized around the Institute's 45-foot research vessel, the Pegasus, and has three core components:

  • taking classes from the East Bay School District for half-day sails using a curriculum that reinforces geography, science and social studies at the schools, in collaboration with the Shorebird Nature Center in Berkeley
  • conducting an intensive summer program, in collaboration with the Berkeley Boosters and the Police Activities League for teenagers-at-risk
  • upgrading the environmental performance of the Pegasus and developing the Pegasus as the demonstration vessel for environmentally sensitive "green boating"

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