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Photo of Steve Noerper

Dr. Stephen Noerper is Senior Vice President of The Korea Society. Former principal of a boutique international relations firm, professor at New York University, academy president and corporate vice president, Dr. Noerper speaks widely on Korea-U.S. relations, Peninsular security and Northeast Asia foreign policies. Professor Noerper served with the U.S. State Department and as an NGO representative in the United States and Asia. He also taught at American University, Hawaii's Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies, Waseda University and the National University of Mongolia, where he was a Fulbright Senior Scholar. He has lectured across Korea, East Asia and Europe. The author of more than fifty publications on Korea and Northeast Asia, Dr. Noerper has appeared on Thomson Reuters, Bloomberg, NBC, National Public Radio, Radio Netherlands, Radio Free Asia, VOA television, in Joongang Ilbo and other media outlets. Recipient of several international awards, Dr. Noerper is a strong supporter of the arts and enhanced international peace and understanding. He holds graduate degrees from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy and the London School of Economics.