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NAPSNet weekly Review
The Week in Review (W.I.R.) is a weekly index of news from NAPSNet and selected other reports from the Peace and Security Program. The W.I.R. comes automatically with the NAPSNet Daily Report (above). Those who prefer not to receive the Daily Report may subscribe to just the W.I.R. by checking the box at left.

SANDNet The South Asia Nuclear Dialog Network (SANDNet) is a multi-faceted network aiming to bring together officials, NGO representatives, scholars and others working to advance peace and security in South Asia. Utilizing the Internet, timely news summaries, analysis, and discussion from throughout the world will be disseminated via email and the Web. In addition, high-quality authoritative resources useful to specialists and generalists alike will be available as on-line resources.

Special Forum The Special Forum on the September 11 attacks as crimes against humanity is carrying an ongoing online discussion bringing together experts from various fields to debate the global implications and responses to the recent attacks against New York and Washington. The articles resulting from this forum are made available online and by email on this list, and selected articles are distributed over the other Nautilus email lists.

The Ethical Governance of Investment Network (INVnet) is a biweekly listserve covering emerging ethical issues in international, regional and bilateral investment rules and markets. The listserve contains timely news and analyses on the intersections of investment governance and the environment, human rights, labor, social and economic justice, and transparency.

The Non-Nuclear NATO Network (NNNNet) has been combined with the Nuclear Policy Project, reflecting expansion beyond the NATO context of the work of assembling current and historical nuclear policy documentation. Information on NATO nuclear policy is now included in NPP "Flash" reports.