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Information Axioms Workshop Commissioned Papers

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Philip Agre
The Dynamics of Policy in a Networked World

Ronald Deibert
University of Toronto
Integrated Security: The Protection of Planetary Networks
Dorothy Denning
Georgetown University
Information Warfare, Hactivism, and the New Politics of Information
Shalom Flank
Global Works
Information in the Intelligence Community
Peter Hayes, Wade Huntley, Timothy Savage, Gee Gee Wong
Nautilus Institute
The Impact of the Northeast Asian Peace and Security Network in US-DPRK Conflict Resolution (and appendices)
Anthony Judge
Union of International Associations
Coherent Policy-Making Beyond the Information Barrier
Ken Rutherford
Georgetown University
The Landmine Ban and NGOs: the Role of Communications Technologies
Saskia Sassen
University of Chicago
The Impact of the Internet on Sovereignty: Real and Unfounded Worries
Steven Weber
University of California at Berkeley
Organizing Principles for Institutions in the Information Age