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Virtual Diasporas Workshop Papers

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Phineas Baxandall
Harvard University
Good Capital, Bad Capital: Dangers and Development in Digital Diasporas (abstract)

Karim H. Karim
Carleton University
"Diasporic Communication in the Contexts of International Conflict and Cooperation."

Michel Laguerre 
MIT/UC Berkeley 
“Virtual Diasporas: A New Frontier of National Security”

Vinay Lal
"Terrorism, Virtual Diasporas, and the Internet"

Hala Nassar
UC Berkeley

"Visual Diaspora: Palestinian Diaspora narrating the lost Home."

Robert Smith
Barnard College
"Migration, Assimilation and Diaspora: Positive Sum Solutions are Possible."
"Actual and Possible Uses of Cyberspace by and among States, Diasporas and Migrants"

Shyam Tekwani
Nanyang Technological University
coming soon

Guobin Yang
University of Hawaii at Manoa
"Information Technology, Virtual Chinese Diaspora, And Transnational Public Sphere"

G. Pascal Zachary
UC Berkeley
“Globalization from Below: diasporic capitalism”