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Virtual Diasporas Workshop

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On April 25 2002, in partnership with the World Affairs Council, the "Virtual Diasporas in Global Problem Solving" Project convened an international assembly of key academic, government, diaspora organization, and NGO representatives to initiate a focused dialogue integrating the results of this research. Utilizing scenario methodologies, participants will build a set of alternative geopolitical scenarios to better understand the current and future conjuncture of advancing information technologies and diaspora networks.

The workshop had four distinct objectives:

  1. explore the growing impact of global diasporas and their use of information technologies on international conflict and cooperation;
  2. develop a network of key academic, government, Bay Area Diaspora organization, and NGO representatives to begin examining this challenging issue;
  3. educate global problem solving groups on the importance of this issue to their work; and
  4. isolate and develop 3-5 “applications” whereby we can closer study this phenomenon.

At the heart of the workshop was a series of commissioned papers analyzing the relationship between global diasporas, the information revolution, and global problems solving. The contributors to this series of papers attended the April workshop to present and discuss their findings (please see authors list).

The workshop is co-hosted by the Nautilus Institute and the World AffairsCouncil of Northern California.