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Recent Paper Archives

. Russia and the North Korean Knot

. Nuclear Posture Review and North Korea

. Interdiction: Legality, Effectiveness and the Way Forward

. The Domestic and International Politics of Spent Nuclear Fuel in South Korea: Are We Approaching Meltdown?

. Why the Sunshine Policy Made Sense

. The Stability of North Korea and a Long-term Strategy for Transformation

. Northeast Asia - A Major Global Challenge for the New Decade

. China-North Korea Relations

. North Korea: It's the Economy, Stupid

. Activating a North Korea Policy

. We Need Both Hatoyama's Decision and Obama's Patience

. Peace Talks, Sanctions and Nuclear Negotiations: What the North is Really Saying

. US Maritime Security Priorities in East Asia

. Transformative Technology for a Sustainable Future

. Lessons Learned From the North Korean Nuclear Crises

. Hard Currency and Socialism: The Ban on Foreign Exchange in North Korea

. The Path Not Taken, the Way Still Open: Denuclearizing the Korean Peninsula and Northeast Asia

. Extended Nuclear Deterrence: Global Abolition and Korea

. Symbolism of the New North Korean Currency: Heralding a Change of Power in North Korea?

. North Korea: A Date in Pyongyang - but What Real Hope?

. Currency Reform and Orthodox Socialism in North Korea

. North Korea Contingency Planning and U.S.-ROK Cooperation

. Shades Of Red: China's Debate Over North Korea

. North Korea Inside Out: The Case for Economic Engagement

. North Koreas Second Nuclear Test: Implications of U.N. Security Council Resolution 1874

. Japan's Challenges and Dilemmas over Nuclear Disarmament

. China Civil Society Report: Public Interest Litigation in China

. A Smart Alliance in the Age of Complexity

. Hatoyama Government and Japan's Defense Guidelines

. Japan between Alliance and Community

. Regional Multilateralism in Asia and the Korean Question

. Unbearable Legacies: The Politics of Environmental Degradation in North Korea

. Civil Society Reaction to the "Green Dam" Internet Filter Software

. The Way to Denuclearize North Korea

. Understanding New Opportunities to Enhance Human Security in the DPRK

. No Rush to Talk With North Korea

. Extended Deterrence: Cutting Edge of the Debate on Nuclear Policy

. The Significance of Clinton's Visit to North Korea

. Clinton's Mission to Pyongyang

. How Light Water Reactors Figure into Negotiations with North Korea

. Why is North Korea so Aggressive?

. UN Sanctions Unlikely to Make North Korean Back Down

. The Sulawesi Sea Situation: Stage for Tension or Storm in a Teacup?

. Too Much Importance Attached to 'Ship of Fools'

. North Korea Entering a New Phase: 'We Are Not Interested in the U.S. Anymore'

. Sending Another 'Jimmy Carter' to N. Korea

. Pyongyang Strikes Back

. What's Driving Pyongyang?

. Solving the Cooperation Model between Foundations and Grassroots NGO

. Pyongyang Turns Back the Clock

. North Korea and the Importance of Arms Control

. North Korea: Getting Back to Talks

. Mongolia and the International Community

. Full Text of UN Resolution 1874

. UNSC Anti-North Korea Resolution a Recipe for Conflict?

. Moving From a North Korean Nuclear Problem to the Problem of North Korea

. Why Punishing North Korea Won't Work... and What Will

. Ramifications of the North Korean Nuclear Test

. Winning, not Playing the Nuclear Game with North Korea

. CTBTO's Initial Findings on the DPRK's Announced Nuclear Test

. North Korea's Nuclear Test of International Resolve

. Flood Across the Border

. China Civil Society Report: Charitable Donation in China

. The New Korean Cold War and the Possibility of Thaw

. A New U.S. Policy toward Korea

. The ICNND and Japanese Civil Society

. Calling the Bluff or Showing Respect? Short Term Propaganda Victories and Long Term Strategic Objectives

. North Korea: Unilateral and Multilateral Economic Sanctions and U.S. Department of Treasury Actions 1955-April 2009

. Old Ideas and New Diplomats: a Fresh Beginning in Northeast Asia?

. Sanctions Will Have No Effect on North Korea

. The North Korean Long-Range Missile Test-Launch of April, 2009: Results and Implications

. Japan's MSDF Somalia Dispatch: Targeting Pirates or Pirating a Constitutional Reinterpretation?

. Do Not Let the Rocket Launch Block North Korean Denuclearazition

. Taboo in Japan: Can Japan Think Strategically about North Korea?

. Reading North Korea Right

. Examining North Korea's Satellite Launch Vehicle

. Not an Impeccable Argument

. DPRK Trip Report February 24-28th, 2009

. The Role of the Military in the Fall of the Ceausescu Regime and The Possible Relevance for a Post-Kim Jong-il Transition in North Korea

. Can We Reach a Nuclear Deal with North Korea?

. North Korea Watches Washington

. Tempting the Dragon

. EU: On the Bench in Pyongyang

. Reinforcing American Extended Deterrence for Japan: An Essential Step for Nuclear Disarmament

. What Obama Should Offer North Korea

. The Chinese Economic Stimulus Package and its Impact on Environmental Protection Organizations

. Living With a Nuclear North Korea

. How Far Will the Seoul-Pyongyang Aggravation Go?

. A New US Diplomatic Strategy toward North Korea

. The Somalia Multilateral Anti- Piracy Approach: Some Caveats

. The DPRK-US Nuclear Game in the Obama Era

. Ending Somalian Piracy

. No More Victims to the Devil of America's Own Creating

. Obama Will Be Challenged by North Korea

. A DPRK 'Shangri-la' Powered by Solar Electricity

. Assistance to North Korea

. North Korea: 20 Years of Solitude

. Obama's Options on North Korea

. S. Korea Should Cooperate with U.S. on N.K.

. Five Characteristics of the Development of Chinese Non-Profit Organization

. The Lee Myung-bak Government's Policy Toward the DPRK after Barack Obama's Inauguration

. Pyongyang University of Science & Technology (PUST)

. The Daejeon Green Growth Forum

. Challenges in Alliance Management between Washington and Seoul

. Opportunities for the Assessment of Civil Organizations in China

. Big Brother is Watching: China's Intentions in the DPRK

. Telecommunications in North Korea: Has Orascom Made the Connection?

. Chinese Civil Society Impacts on Urban Migration

. China's Economic Reforms Pushed by Civil Society

. Obama and North Korea: The Road Ahead

. Bush=Obama=Lee Myungbak? Eccentric Syllogism!

. The North Korean Conundrum

. Setting a New Course with North Korea

. Neo-Cons in Pyongyang

. Japan Needs to Talk About What It Will Do for Itself

. Setting a New Course with North Korea

. Japan-India Joint Declaration on Security Cooperation

. Deterioration of Inter-Korean Relationship

. Moral Realism Boomerang: Eight Months into the Lee Administration's North Korean Policy

. An Overview of Social Work with the Disabled in China

. The Question President Bush Needs to Answer

. Has the Next Great Leader of North Korea Been Announced?

. The Facts and Fables of a Unified Korea

. Delisting North Korea

. The North Korean Economy: Leverage and Policy Analysis

. After Kim Jong-il

. Dealing with North Korea under Uncertain Leadership

. Nothing Succeeds Like Succession?

. Kim Jong-il on Spotlight

. The Future of Political Leadership in North Korea

. The Way We Should Deal with North Korea

. Preparing for Regime Change in North Korea: The Need for International Cooperation

. Australia and the DPRK: The Sixty Years of Relationship

. The Maritime Self-Defence Force Mission in the Indian Ocean: Afghanistan, NATO and Japan's Political Impasse

. Denuclearization of the DPRK­A Role for the United Nations?

. Visiting the Kaesong Industrial Complex

. China Civil Society Report: Mass Incidents in China

. President Lee Myongbak's Learning Curve

. How A Mock Trial Could Turn Victory into Defeat on North Koreas Nuclear Arms

. Vietnam's Model for North Korea

. Russia's 'Power Politics' and North Korea

. Rocks of Contention: Dokdo/Liancourt/Takeshima

. Lee Outflanked

. Japan's Nuclear Future: Policy Debate, Prospects, and U.S. Interests

. The South China Sea Hydra

. Chinese Civil Society After the 512 Earthquake

. Olympic Security Collaboration

. Simpleminded or Farsighted? - The US' handling of North Korea

. Securing the Sulu Sea

. Denuclearization and Peace Regime on the Korean Peninsula are Possible

. Caution Against Overestimating Pyongyang's Move

. North Korea: Presidential Action on State Sponsor of Terrorism (SST) and the Trading with the Enemy Act (TWEA)

. North Korea's Nuclear Declaration: What to Expect

. North Korean Denuclearization: Beyond Phase II Disablement

. Wenchuan as Eco-City

. We Have No Plan

. Koreas Not Eye-to-Eye on Vision 3000

. Unsustainable Inequities: Saving the Japan-U.S. Alliance from Drift

. Put the Proliferation Security Initiative Under the UN

. North Korea on the Precipice of Famine

. An Outbreak of 'Warm Spring': The Hu-Fukuda Summit Assessed

. The Right Path With N. Korea

. Update on the Six-Party Talks

. Nuclear Matters in North Korea

. Will Australia help North Korea?

. North Korea Trip Report

. Report of Visit to the Democratic People's Republic of North Korea (DPRK)

. Middle Powers and Korean Normalization: An Australian Perspective Revisited

. U.S.-ROK Civil Society Ties: Dynamics and Prospects in a Post-Alliance World

. Socialist Neo-Conservatism in North Korea? A Return to Old Principles in the 2008 New Year Joint Editorial

. North Korean Ballistic Missile Threat to the United States

. A Security and Peace Mechanism for Northeast Asia: The Economic Dimension

. Lee Myung-bak and the Future of Sino-South Korean Relations

. Pragmatism and North Korea Policy

. Dark Horse

. (Maybe) Denuclearizing North Korea

. President Lee Myung-bak's North Korea Policy: Denuclearization or Disengagement?

. The New York Philharmonic in North Korea. A New Page in US-DPRK Relations?

. North Korea Extends Its Freedom Overture

. The Philippines' Spratly "Bungle": Blessing In Disguise?

. North Korea Now: Will the Clock Be Turned Back?

. Inter-Korean Relations in the Absence of a U.S.-ROK Alliance

. The North Korean Ballistic Missile Program

. The Search for a Common Strategic Vision: Charting the Future of the US-ROK Security Partnership

. A Maritime Security Regime for Northeast Asia: Part II

. Presidential Elections and the Future of Russian-Korean Relations

. Hardliners Target Détente with North Korea

. Seoul Needs Sound Policy, Not Soundbites

. U.S. Hypocrisy in the Strait of Hormuz?

. East Timor: the Crisis Beyond the Coup Attempt

. North Korea-Russia Relations: A Strained Friendship

. An 'Early Summer': Sino-Japanese Cooperation in the East China Sea

. Sino-Indian Relations: The Four Disconnects

. North Korea: Terrorism List Removal?

. A New Policy Toward N. Korea Can Serve Japan

. The Next Nuclear Agreement with North Korea: Prospects and Pitfalls

. Japan as a Plutonium Superpower

. Looking Back and Looking Forward: North Korea, Northeast Asia and the ROK-U.S. Alliance

. The Hard Part Starts for Seoul's New Man

. Keeping an Eye on an Unruly Neighbor

. Emerging Regional Security Architecture in Northeast Asia

. North Korea's Nuclear Weapons: Latest Developments

. Inspector O Faces the Music

. North Korea Meets Keynes: Demand and Supply in Our Style Socialism

. The US-China Port Visit Spat: Opening a Pandora's Box?

. Japan Needs a New Approach to North Korean Abductions

. The 2007 Inter-Korean Summit and Its Implications for Northeast Asia

. Why Ichiro Ozawa is America's True Hope and Why Shinzo Abe Never Was

. Economic Consequences of ROK-U.S. Separation

. The Re-Emergence of an Australian Nuclear Weapons Option?

. Strengthening Security Cooperation with Australia: A New Security Means for Japan

. Economic Implications of Summit Agreement

. Mongolia Matters

. North Korean Refugees in China and Human Rights Issues

. Kim Jong Il confronts Bush - and wins. A New Page in North-South Korean Relations

. A Framework for Peace and Security in Korea and Northeast Asia

. What Korean Unification Means to China

. Targeting Chongryun?

. Second-Phase Actions for the Implementation of the September 2005 Joint Statement

. Environmental Security: Agenda Item for the Inter-Korean Summit

. North Korea's External Economic Relations

. Kim Jong-il's Calculation

. Summit Spirit on the Korean Peninsula

. Disaster Management and Institutional Change in the DPRK: Trends in the Songun Era

. North Korea's Nuclear Weapons: Dismantlement or Disarmament

. A Russian View on Inter Korean Summit

. The Proposed South Korea-U.S. Free Trade Agreement (KORUS FTA)

. The Second South-North Summit: Prospects for Intensifying Inter-Korean Cooperation

. A Maritime Security Regime for Northeast Asia?

. The Inter-Korean Summit: One Good Turn Deserves Another

. How Realistic Is a Nuclear-Armed Japan?

. Seoul's Impetuous Summit Initiative

. The Kaesong North-South Korean Industrial Complex

. The Second Inter-Korean Summit: Four Arguments Against and Why They Could Be Wrong

. A Unified Approach: Articulating a Coordinated U.S.-ROK Strategy in 2008

. No Justice, No Peace

. Turnabout is Fair Play

. US Missile Defense In Northeast Asia and the Rule of Law in Japan

. Ain't No Sunshine When He's Gone? The Future of Engagement after the ROK Presidential Election

. Missile Defence Response to the July 5, 2006 North Korean Missile Test

. Not Going Nuclear: Japan's Response to North Korea's Nuclear Test

. On North Korea, Hippocrates Not Hypocrisy

. The Prospects for Institutionalizing the Six-Party Talks

. Japan and India as Partners for the Peace and Stability of Asia

. Process of Denuclearization on the Korean Peninsula and the Challenges

. Resolving the North Korean Nuclear Problem: Status Quo vs. Transformative Approach

. Democracy and Peace in Korea Twenty Years After June 1987

. The North Korean Economy: Overview and Policy Analysis

. Behind the Blacklisting of Banco Delta Asia

. Anticipating Six Party Energy Negotiations

. Fueling DPRK Energy Futures and Energy Security

. Lessons from the BDA Issue

. The New Nuclear Arms Race

. Prime Minister Abe's Visit to the United States

. Yokohama and Seoul: Dealing With Crimes of State in Japan and South Korea

. Open Minds, Open Futures: How will Asia-Pacific Communities respond to Global Insecurity?

. The Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea: Conventional or Hybrid Military Threat?

. Transforming the U.S. Relationship with China

. Gold Digging: Getting to the Bottom of the Treasury Department's Economic Campaign Against North Korea

. Famine in North Korea: Markets, Aid and Reform

. A Framework for Peace and Security in Korea and Northeast Asia

. Economic Perspectives on Future Directions for Engagement With the DPRK in a Post-Test World

. North Korea's Strategic Decisions After the February 13 Agreement

. Holier Than Thou Politics of Comfort Women Apology

. BDA: Hill's Tactical Miscalculation

. Protecting the Human Rights of Comfort Women

. What Price Denuclearization?

. Comfort Women: It's Time for the Truth (in the Ordinary, Everyday Sense of the Word)

. So Far, So Fast

. North Korea's Nuclear Weapons Program to 2015: Three Scenarios

. North Korea's Nuclear Weapons: Implications for the Nuclear Ambitions of Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan

. Enhancing U.S. Engagement with North Korea

. Tug Of War With Shorter Rope

. North Korea's Alleged Large-Scale Enrichment Plant

. It's About Time!

. Can the New Nuclear Deal with North Korea Succeed?

. The Beijing Deal is not the Agreed Framework

. Initial Actions for the Implementation of the Joint Statement

. U.N. Sanctions on North Korea and U.S. Korea Relations

. First Technical Steps for North Korean Denuclearization

. Kim Jong Il's Nuclear Ambitions

. The Forgotten Victims of the North Korean Crisis

. Inter-Korean Economic Cooperation at a Crossroads

. A Proposed Korea - U.S. Free Trade Agreement and Kaesong Industrial Complex

. Classical Socialism in North Korea and its Transformation

. Succession - A Dictator's Dilemma

. Paek the Opaque: Another Old North Korean Bites the Dust

. DPRK Pursuing Factory Modernization Through Foreign Joint Ventures, Cooperatives

. Hopes of Economic Build-Up Spread Following DPRK Nuclear Test

. North Korea Turns Back the Clock

. Inspector O Gets a Thermos

. Inspector O And The Case Of The Missing Tea Thermos

. Dead Talks Walking; North Korea and Removing the Bomb

. Co-operation in the Malacca and Singapore Straits: A Glass Half-Full

. Going Nuclear; Why Now And Now What?

. The Democratic Party's Victory in the U.S. Midterm Elections and the North Korean Nuclear Issue

. What do the US Mid-Terms Elections Really Mean for East Asia?

. The Political Economy of Sanctions Against North Korea

. The Okinawan Election and Resistance to Japan's Military First Politics

. Report on North Korean Nuclear Program

. Cuba 1962 and North Korea Now

. Global Nuclear Future: A Japanese Perspective

. The Plight of North Koreans in China and Beyond

. Maritime Interdiction of North Korean WMD Trade: Who Will Do What?

. Time to End the Korean War: The Korean Nuclear Crisis in the Era of Unification

. The Taoist Enlightenment on Mt. Huashan: How American Eagle and North Korean Tortoise Can Get Along

. A New Tack for China after North Korea's Nuclear Test?

. North Korea has the Bomb. Now What?

. North Korea: Economic Sanctions and U.S. Treasury Department Actions, 1995-September, 2006

. Full Text of United Nations Security Council Measure 1718

. The Time of Reckoning: U.S. Vital Interests on the Korean Peninsula and Response to the Escalation of the North Korean Nuclear Crisis

. Dr. Strangelove in Pyongyang

. Text of North Korea's Nuclear Test Announcement

. Make Lemonade Out of Lemons: Invite North Korea to Join Japan/East Sea Survey

. The Stalker State: North Korean Proliferation and the End of American Nuclear Hegemony

. PRC Scholar Analyzes Implications of a DPRK Nuclear Test

. Overcoming the Yasukuni Issue is Good for Both China and Japan

. North Korean Trade with China as Reported in Chinese Customs Statistics

. Wabbit in Free Fall

. Are North Korea and China Drifting Apart after the Missile Test?

. Foreign Policy as a 'Fight': Abe and the Future of East Asian Relations

. Missiles and Sanctions: Has a Watershed Been Reached in the Korean Nuclear Crisis?

. Burma and Its Neighbours: The Geopolitics of Gas

. Visualizing a North Korean 'Bold Switchover'

. North Korea's Missile Launches and Six-Party Talks

. Misunderstandings on the Transfer of Wartime Operational Control

. DPRK's Reform and Sino-DPRK Economic Cooperation

. After North Korea's Missile Launch: Are the Nuclear Talks Dead?

. South Korean Civil Society's Response to the N.K. Missile Tests Follows Predictable Ideological Divides

. North Korea's Missile Launches and South Korea's Response

. The Economic Implications of a North Korean Nuclear Breakout

. Gaeseong Industrial Complex in Steady Progress Despite a Series of Negative Incidents

. Strange Tempests Follow Missile Tests

. What North Korea's Missile Test Means

. North Korea Focusing On Technological Development To Revive Economy

. Embrace Tiger, Retreat to Mountain, Test Nuke

. DPRK Trip Report

. DPRK Foreign Ministry Statement Denounces UNSC Resolution Over DPRK Missile Launch

. China's Army Yawns at Pyongyang's Missiles

. The Illusion of Operational Readiness of National Missile Defense

. Kim Jong Il vs George W. Bush: American National Security in the Balance

. Stop Hyperventilating, Start Talking

. North Korea's Missile Tests: Malign Neglect Meets Brinkmanship

. North Korean Fireworks?

. North Korea Stands to Lose with Missile Launch

. Political Fences & Bad Neighbors

. The Self-Reliant National Defense of South Korea and the Future of the U.S.-ROK Alliance

. Will North Korea Launch a Long-range Missile?

. KORUS FTA: A Pragmatic and Strategic View

. North Korea's Military-First Policy: A Curse or a Blessing?

. Can Economic Theory Demystify North Korea?

. Japan as a Base for the Defense of the US homeland

. The Proliferation Security Initiative in Perspective

. The U.S.-China-Taiwan Triangle: Towards Equilibrium

. Making Progress While Marking Time

. Making Progress While Marking Time

. Japanese Discovery of Democracy

. Japan and Korea: Between A Legal Rock and a Hard Place

. An Instinct for the Capillaries

. US Financial Allegations – What They Mean

. US Misses-Mines-for-Nukes Opportunity

. Shifting Terrain: The Domestic Politics of the U.S. Military Presence in Asia

. Mongolia at 800: Toward Enhanced U.S. and International Support

. Transforming an Asymmetric Cold War Alliance

. China Begins Oil Route Experiment in Mekong

. South Korea-U.S. Alliance Under the Roh Government

. Pyongyang's 'Unification' Market of Today

. The MSDF Indian Ocean Deployment – Blue Water Militarization in a ‘Normal Country’

. Interest Revived in the Sinuiju Special Administrative Region

. China Goes West

. CNS Special Report on North Korean Ballistic Missile Capabilities

. Only Continued Pressure, Combined With Inducements, Can Bring End to North Korean Nuclear Program

. Trilateral Congregation – Condi Rice’s attempts in ‘Containing’ China?

. KTU/SU Summary Status Report

. Strategic Flexibility of U.S. Forces in Korea

. Is China the Nemesis in a New Cold War?

. Linking Europe and Northeast Asia

. Kim Jong Il’s Southern Tour

. China's Nuclear Forces

. Sanctions on Pyongyang Will Backfire

. When in Doubt, Blame South Korea: The Politics of Food Aid to North Korea

. U.S. Assistance to North Korea: Fact Sheet

. The East Timor Truth Commission Report Shines

. China and North Korea: Comrades Forever?

. China's 'Abandonment' of NK a U.S. Neo-Con Fantasy

. Taking Care of Business

. Eurasia Burning: A Dark Day for Mongolian Democracy

. Eurasia Burning: A Dark Day for Mongolian Democracy

. North East Asia's Undercurrents of Conflict

. The "Sopranos State"? North Korean Involvement in Criminal Activity and Implications for International Security

. Risks and Hopes for N.E. Asia Peace

. Looking for Mr. X: North Korea’s Successor

. China Raises its Stake in North Korea

. Pan-Korean Nationalism, Anti-Great Power-ism and U.S.-South Korean Relations

. A Better Korea Strategy

. Bring the Proliferation Security Initiative Into the UN

. International Aid for North Korea: Sustainable Effects or a Waste of Resources?

. US Double-Dealing Attitude and Japan’s Privilege

. Technical Summary of DPRK Nuclear Program

. Discussion of Made in Which Korea?

. Aid Strengthens Kim's Regime

. The Cabal is Alive and Well

. Made in Which Korea?

. The United States and South Korea: Can This Alliance Last?

. The North Korean Criminal State, its Ties to Organized Crime, and the Possibility of WMD Proliferation

. Stabilized Democracy in Mongolia in 2005

. Land of the Rising Khan: Moving the US Forward on a Mongolia Action Plan

. North Korea’s State Ration System

. South Korea's Blueprint for Economic Cooperation with the DPRK

. DPRK Markets: A Defector's Perspective

. The North Korean Plutonium Stock Mid-2005

. Why Seoul Helps the North

. Meeting the North's Demands

. You Say Okjeryok, I Say Deterrent; No Wonder We Don't Agree

. North Korean Markets and the Reactivation of the Public Distribution System: Dialogue between a Pessimist and an Optimist

. Discussion of Light Water Reactors at the Six Party Talks by Georgy Bullychev

. Hide and Seek with Kim Jong Il

. Discussion of Light Water Reactors at the Six Party Talks by Chaim Braun

. South Korean President Battles Lame Duck Status

. Light Water Reactors at the Six Party Talks: The Barrier that Makes the Water Flow

. Rising Stakes in North Korea

. DPRK 2004 Nutrition Assessment Report of Survey Results

. The Process in Place

. Food Aid to North Korea or How to Ride a Trojan Horse to Death

. Opening the Debate on U.S.-China Nuclear Relations

. Thinking the Unthinkable: Japanese Nuclear Power and Proliferation in East Asia

. New Security Challenges and Opportunities in East Asia: Views from the Next Generation

. Address by President Roh Moo-hyun on the 60th Anniversary of National Liberation

. The Collision Between Nuclear Sovereignty and Nonproliferation

. North Korea’s Strategic Intentions

. Closing the Nuclear Loopholes

. North Korea Six Party Talks: The Bad News May Actually Be the Good News

. A Northeast Asia Nuclear Weapon-Free Zone (NEA-NWFZ)

. Multilateral Dialogue to Resolve the North Korean Nuclear Issue

. Bush Policy Backfiring in Asia

. Rising Stakes in North Korea

. Why the Six Party Talks Should Succeed

. A North Korean Visitor to the White House

. South Korea’s Power Play at the Six-Party Talks

. Drifting into the Six Party Talks?

. Building Multi-Party Capacity for a WMD-Free Korean Peninsula

. Reframing the US-DPRK Conflict

. One Korea?

. Getting Around Pyongyang's Hard-Liners

. The Kims' Obsession: Archives Show Their Quest To Preserve the Regime

. Korea's Slow-Motion Reunification

. Should Nukes Bloom in Asia?

. Finger on the Button

. Foreign Assistance to North Korea

. Dealing With the North Korean Nuclear Threat

. Interview with Christopher Hill

. Same Bed, Different Nightmares: Diverging U.S. and South Korean Views of North Korea

. Anticipating a North Korean Nuclear Test: What’s to Be Done to Avert a Further Crisis

. Speech at the Conference "Prospects for U.S. Policy toward the Korean Peninsula in the Second Bush Administration"

. Report on U.S. Assistance Provided Inside North Korea

. Report on U.S. Humanitarian Assistance to North Koreans

. North Korea: Can the Iron Fist Accept the Invisible Hand?

. U.S. Can't Act Alone in North

. 'We Have Never Asked' for DPRK-US Talks Separate From 6-Way Talks

. The South-South Conflict and Korean Residents in Japan

. DPRK Trip Report

. President Bush’s Press Conference: Missing the Point!

. Defense Intelligence Agency Says North Korea has Nuclear Armed Missiles

. What Should US Do About North Korea?

. A New Foreign Policy Paradigm: Perspectives on the Role of South Korea as a Balancer

. The Controversies of South Korean Society on the Issue of Human Rights in North Korea

. U.S. Tries New Tack in Pursuing Interests, Stability in East Asia

. "Military-First Politics" And Building A "Powerful And Prosperous Nation" In North Korea

. The EU Stretches its Foreign Policy Wings Over Korea

. Discussion of “The EU Stretches its Foreign Policy Wings Over Korea”

. What is the Goal of the U.S. Policy toward North Korea: Nonproliferation or Regime Change?

. World Food Programme Press Conference on the DPRK

. No Longer the 'Lone' Superpower: Coming to Terms with China

. The Folly of Forcing Regime Change

. Discussion of The Folly of Forcing Regime Change

. The North Korean Crisis

The Structure of North Korea’s Political Economy

. Allow Two Nukes for North Korea

. Restore US Nukes to South Korea

. The North Korea Nuclear Issue and Inter-Korean Relations

. What’s Next for the 109th Congress?

. Reading North Korean Ruins

. Pyongyang Raises the Stakes
. Discussion of Pyongyang Raises the Stakes

. The Six-Party Failure

. Caught in the Muddle-Round Two of Bush vs. North Korea

. DPRK 'Manufactured' Nuclear Weapons, To 'Suspend' 6-Way Talks for 'Indefinite Period'

. North Korea's Tactics

. Not So Fast

. Failure or success or of a hybrid system?

. China's Worsening North Korean Headache

. Chinese Cell Phone Breaches North Korean Hermit Kingdom

. Boycott or Business?

. Waiting Game

. Democracy and National Security in South Korea

. Minding the Gap: Improving U.S.ROK Relations

. Korea: Forgotten Nuclear Threats

. Fiddling While Pyongyang Reprocesses

. 2004 Was a Difficult Year. Will 2005 Be Any Better?

. Welcome to Capitalism, North Korean Comrades

. Who Will Stop Nuclear Next Use

. North Korea: 2005 Outlook

. How the South Views its Brother from Another Planet

. Runaway Ally Joins the Axis of Evil

. Will the South's Uranium Enrichment Test Affect the North Korean Nuclear Issue?

. The Student Movement in South Korea

. South Korea-U.S. Economic Relations

. Another Engagement Strategy For North Korea  (August 16, 2004 )

. U.S. Troop Withdrawals and Self-Reliant Defense  (August 5, 2004 )

. Eighth US Army Chronology 1973

. Moody's Parallel Universe on North Korea's Nukes  (August 12, 2004 )

. FOIA Report: Eighth US Army Chronology 1974

. Unlikely Partners in the Quest for Juche: Humanitarian Aid Agencies in North Korea

. "Project Status Report: July 2004"

. US Economic Diplomacy Toward North Korea   (July 29, 2004 )

. Excerpt from “Dealing With North Korea’s Nuclear Programs"

. Options For Rehabilitation of Energy System & Energy Security & Energy Planning in DPR of Korea

. Global Dislocations, Network Solutions

. North Korea's Military Stretegy

. China’s Role in the Course of North Korea Transition   (July 13, 2004 )

. Designing Public Capital Mobilization Strategies for DPRK   (July 8, 2004 )

. "Conference Diplomacy", All Over Again   (July 6, 2004 )

. DPRK Uranium Exports: Much Ado About Something   (May 25, 2004)

. Six-Party Talks: Round 3   (July 1, 2004 )

. Lessons From The Agreed Framework   (June 24, 2004 )

. DPRK Negotiation Strategy