Center for American Studies, Fudan University
  “Partnership for Peace: Building Long-term Security Cooperation in Northeast Asia” 
The Second Collaborative Workshop on East Asia Regional Security Futures

Workshop Papers
Links to the right of paper titles will become active as the papers are released.  Please check back regularly.

  • CHU Shulong
  • "The U.S. and China in the Early 21st Century" text html pdf
  • JIN Guangyao
  • "The Changing Situation of the Korean Peninsula and Its Impact on Security Future" text html pdf
  • LI Bin
  • "Missile Threats and Defenses" text html pdf
  • SHEN Dingli
  • "Implications of the New US President" text html pdf
  • XIA Liping
  • "Prospects for Cooperative Security in East Asia" text html pdf
  • ZHU Chenghu
  • "East Asian Regional Security Futures: Positive Developments and Negative factors" text html pdf
  • ZHU Mingquan
  • "US BMD Program Under Bush Administration" text html pdf

    United States
  • "Theater Missile Defense in Asia" text html pdf
  • Bonnie GLASER
  • "U.S.-China Relations Face Both Challenges and Opportunities" text html pdf
  • Derek MITCHELL
  • "Implications of the New Bush Administration for East Asia" text html pdf
  • Brad ROBERTS
  • "US Ballistic Missile Defenses: Implications for Asia" text html pdf
  • Lawrence SCHEINMAN
  • "Nuclear Arms Control and Nonproliferation" text html pdf

  • HOSHINO Toshiya
  • "Prospects for Cooperative Security" text html pdf
  • KUROSAWA Mitsuru
  • "Practical Steps for Nuclear Disarmament" text html pdf
  • MATSUMURA Masahiro
  • "The G.W. Bush Administration and Northeast Asian Security" text html pdf
  • MORIMOTO Satoshi
  • "East Asian Regional Security" text html pdf
  • TAKESADA Hideshi
  • "The BMD Issue in Northeast Asia: Strategic Relations and Japan’s Option" text html pdf

    Republic of Korea
  • CHUNG Oknim
  • "Prospects for Cooperative Security on the Korean Peninsula" text html pdf
  • MOON Chung-in
  • "Security Pragmatics for the Korean Peninsula" text html pdf

  • Vladimir ORLOV
  • "Russia's Nonproliferation Policy and the Situation in East Asia" text html pdf
  • Alexander PIKAYEV
  • "East Asia and Missile Defenses: Right Militarily and Wrong Politically?" text html pdf