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Globalization & Governance

Foreign Investment & the Environment | Regional Environmental Governance | Trade & Environment | Ethical Governance Of Investment | Corporate Accountability

Foreign Investment & the Environment

Lyuba Zarsky, The Nautilus Institute
Getting Traction? Sustainable Development and the Governance of Investment

Lyuba Zarsky, The Nautilus Institute
Havens, Halos and Spaghetti: Untangling the Evidence About the Relationship Between Foreign Investment and the Environment

Lyuba Zarsky, The Nautilus Institute
Stuck In the Mud? Nation-States, Globalisation and the Environment

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Regional Environmental Governance

Lyuba Zarsky, The Nautilus Institute
From Bystanders to Collaborators: New Roles for Civil Society in Urban-Industrial Environmental Governance in Asia

Lyuba Zarsky, The Nautilus Institute; Simon Tay, (Singapore Institute of International Affairs)
Civil Society and the Future of Environmental Governance in Asia

Lyuba Zarsky, The Nautilus Institute
Civil Society and Clean Shared Growth in Asia: Towards a Stakeholder Model of Environmental Governance

Peter Hayes and Lyuba Zarsky, The Nautilus Institute
Acid Rain in a Regional Context
(View Text)

Peter Hayes and Lyuba Zarsky, The Nautilus Institute
Environmental Issues and Regimes in Northeast Asia
(View Text)

Peter Hayes and Lyuba Zarsky, The Nautilus Institute
Regional Cooperation and Environmental Issues in Northeast Asia (Text File)

Jason Hunter, The Nautilus Institute
The Tumen River Area Development Program, Transboundary Water Pollution, and Environmental Security in Northeast Asia
(View Text)

Jason Hunter and Lyuba Zarsky, The Nautilus Institute
Communities, Markets and City Government:Innovative Roles for Coastal Cities to Reduce Marine Pollution in the Asia-Pacific
(View Text)

Lyuba Zarsky, The Nautilus Institute
Energy and the Environment in Asia-Pacific: Regional Cooperation and Market Governance
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Trade & Environment

Lyuba Zarsky, The Nautilus Institute
The Domain of Environmental Cooperation in Northeast Asia

Jason Hunter, The Nautilus Institute
APEC: Promise or Peril in the Asia-Pacific (View Text)

David G. Morgan
Building APEC's Institutional Architecture (Text File)

Garth Porter
Natural Resource Subsidies, Trade and Environment: The Cases of Forests and Fisheries*

Naomi Roht-Arriaza
ISO 14,001 in the APEC Context: Uses, Limitations and Policy Alternatives

Mark J. Spalding, J.D., M.P.I.A.
Lessons of NAFTA for APEC*

Lyuba Zarsky and Jason Hunter, The Nautilus Institute
Environmental Cooperation at APEC: The First Five Years

Tsuneo. Akaha, Monterey Institute of International Studies
International Cooperation for the Sustainable Development of the Russian Far East

Bunn Nagara, ISIS
The Trade-Environment Nexus: Whence, Whither, Why and Wherefore

Jane Drake-Brockman and Kym Anderson*, University of Adelaide
The Entwining of Trade Policy and Environmental Issues: Implications for APEC

Te'o Fairbairn, University of New South Wales
Pacific Islands Economies: Trade Patterns and Some Observations on Trade Policy Issues

Vili Fuavao, South Pacific Regional Environment Programme (SPREP)
Trade, Environment and Development in the Pacific Islands: the role of SPREP

Taek-Whan Han, Korea Institute for International Economic Policy
Northeast Asia Environmental Cooperation: Progress and Prospects

Linda Low, and Tay Boon NGA, National University of Singapore
Region-Building and the Environment: The Role of the PECC

J. Honculada Primavera, Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center
Shrimp Farming in the Asia-Pacific: Environment and Trade Issues and Regional Cooperation

Khalid Abdul Pahim, Universiti Pertanian Malaysia
Unilateral Environmental Regulations and the Implications for International Commodity-Related Environmental Agreements

Aprilani Soeciarto, The Indonesian Institute of Sciences-LIPI
Sustainable Fisheries, Environment and the Prospects of Regional Cooperation in Southeast Asia

Clem Tisdell, University of Queensland
Tourism in the APEC Region and its promotion in an Ecologically Sound Way Through Regional Co-operation

Wataru Yamaoto, Japan Development Institute (JDI)
Japanese Official Development Assistance and Industrial Environmental Management in Asia

Lyuba Zarsky, The Nautilus Institute
APEC, Citizen Groups, and the Environment: Common Interests, Broad Agenda

Lyuba Zarsky, The Nautilus Institute
APEC, Globalization and the "Sustainable Development" Agenda

Robert A. Manning and Paula Stern
Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) in Year Seven Osaka Summit: A Time of Reckoning (Text File)

Citizens' Conference on Trade and the Environment: Towards the APEC Osaka Meetings NGO Forum on APEC (Text File)

Australia, APEC, and the Environment (Text File)

Fixing What's Broke with APEC: First Steps Toward a Sustainable Development Plan That Can Be Adopted at the November 1995 Osaka Minister's Meeting (Text File)

Mingsarn Kaosa-ard, Theodore Panayotou and J.R. DeShazo
Green Finance: Valuation and Financing of Khao Yai National Park in Thailand (Text File)

Dr Vivienne Wee
The Gender Dimension in Environment and Development Policy: The Southeast Asian Experience (Text File)

Ann Pincus
Trade and Economic Issues: G7 Jobs Summit, USTR Report, New $100 Bill, Cartagena Ministerial (Text File)

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Ethical Governance Of Investment

Konrad von Moltke
The Environment and Non-Discrimination inInvestment Regimes: International and Domestic Institutions

Simon SC Tay and Iris Tan

Luke Eric Peterson
All Roads Lead Out of Rome: Divergent Paths of Dispute Settlement in Bilateral Investment Treaties

New Rules for a New Global Order? Ten Year Scenarios for the Future of Global Investment Governance

Sandy Buffett, The Nautilus Institute
Corporate Social Responsibility and International Financial Institutions (Power Point File)

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Corporate Accountability

Lyuba Zarsky, The Nautilus Institute
Dodging Dilemmas? Press Release

Dodging Dilemmas?

Whose Business? A Handbook on Corporate Responsibility for Human Rights and the Environment

Manufacturing Growth With Social Deficits: Environmental and Labor Issues in the High Tech Sector of Penang, Malaysia

Corporate Social Responsibility at Nine Multinational Electronic Firms in Thailand

A Study of the Environmental and Social Aspects of Taiwanese and U.S. Companies in the Hsinchu Science-based Industrial Park

The High Tech Sector and the Environment in the New Millenium: Performance, Prescriptions, and Policy

A Study of the Performance of the Indian IT Sector
Executive Summary, Chapters 1-3, Chapters 4-5

Oil Development in the Caspian: a critical investigation of California oil companies in Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan

Oil Development in Nigeria: A Critical Look at Chevron's Environmental and Social Responsibility

Hard Issues, Innovative Approaches: "Improving NGO-Industry Dialogue on Corporate Responsibility and Accountability"

Forging New Links: Promoting and Protecting Human Rights and the Environment

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